Read on for more details.

What is a Bushtit?
A Bushtit is one of the smallest birds in North America and a frequent guest at our feeder.   For a complete description, click here but, suffice to say, we just think the name is perfect for a Glamourcon birdwatching team.

What does all this have to do with you?

Our local birdwatching club has a yearly fundraiser where we form teams and ask sponsors to pledge whatever they wish for each species we spot during one 24 hour period in May.  Our assigned day is May 18, 2003.   Although there are over 700 species of birds found on the west coast, we anticipate spotting between 25 and 50 of them during our 24 hours.  In case we get really lucky, some folks simply pledge a set amount instead of so much per species.

The special offer...
Our club is a registered nonprofit.  Besides the usual tax deduction, Glamourcon fans who pledge at least $10 will get the brand new 2003 Glamourcon 10th Anniversary Pin.  Bring the pin to any one Glamourcon in 2003 for a 25% discount off admission.

The bottom line...
We really need your help.  Please consider a pledge.  Every little bit helps the cause of education and protection of a group of living things so critical in and to our environment!


I want to support the Glamourcon Bushtits team!

I pledge this amount:

$ per species
(If you pledge by species, we will let you know what and how many species we see on May 18)