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January 2, 2003
Poolside LA

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Glamourcon's March Interview - Issue #4
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Playboy Playmate Sept. 77 and PMOY 78, Debra Jo Fondren is a classic beauty with a heart of gold to match her delicious hair. Actress, model, producer, casting director, script supervisor, and care giver - Debra Jo takes a few minutes out of her busy schedule to share some of her fantastic life with us.
GC: How has becoming a Playboy Playmate and Playmate of The Month affected your life?
Debra Jo: I can't begin to describe it! At first, I thought I'd have my run, do all I could in those early PMOY years, and then disappear back into the woodwork. Instead, I remained in LA and started a career as an actress, and later as a casting director. I've had this great introduction into an exciting industry, and I'm determined to make the most of it.
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GC: Tell us about your first Glamourcon. Why did you decide to attend?
Debra Jo: I was actually the second Playmate ever to attend a show...way back in the early 90's. Bill Liebowitz is a dear friend of mine. He owns Golden Apple Comics here in LA, and he used to have Susie Owens at his booth to promote her comic book heroine character. He asked me if I'd like to attend a GLAMOURCON show with him, and I just had the BEST time meeting my fans and seeing all the featured guests, collectors and vendors. I couldn't believe how well remembered I was as a Playmate... I was just blown away!
Soon after that, I sent out a Mass Mailer to all of my Playmate girlfriends, asking them if they'd like to attend...and of course, just about every girl I wrote was chomping at the bit to get involved!

GC: You are a Glamourcon veteran. Why do you continue to return to GC and VAMP?
Debra Jo: I've been to all kinds of collector shows with all kinds of themes and in many different cities...GLAMOURCON and VAMP are easily the best! First of all, the promotor is a real sweetheart, and a real gentleman to all the ladies who attend his shows. He treats us like ladies! Second, it's really well put together and promoted in such a way that all the other shows just pale by comparison... The whole atmosphere of the shows is so exciting and electric, with fans and collectors from all over the world. Especially in LA, since so many of the girls are based here.

GC: How has the Internet impacted your modeling career?
Debra Jo: Well, to be honest, I don't imagine I'd be doing much if any modeling at this point in my life. But with the web, you can really get to know your fans, your specific niche in the world of Glamour Girls. I love to pose, and I get to! I have a lot of fun coming up with fresh ideas not seen anywhere else on the web... like the last web chat I did where I was painted up from head to toe with Tribal Tattoos. It's still as thrilling as it ever was to hear "Hey - you still look great!" I mean after all, who doesn't want to hear that? At least I'm honest about it!

GC: Do you still keep in touch with other Playmates?
Debra Jo: Some of the girls I knew back in the day are still very close to me... it's like we're all members of a secret society or sorority! We all share a common experience, you know? But the best Playmate girlfriend I have, my best friend of all is Miss July '87, Carmen Berg. And I met her at a GLAMOURCON, in fact! If there hadn't been such a show, I may have never gotten to know her or a lot of the other girls!

GC: Where do you like to travel?
Debra Jo: I was a flight attendant for a year, so if there was someplace I missed while touring as PMOY, I got to see it then. In Japan, the people were mobbing me just to touch my hair...blondes were kinda scarce in those parts! But, I'm a pretty simple Texas Girl... I love love love San Francisco. I love England and Germany and Australia was incredibly gorgeous, but my absolute favorite city in the world is the one I live in...HOLLYWOOD. I can see the sign from my balcony! I live for celebrity sightings in my grocery store and checking out the Oscars and the Emmys, right down my street. It's not perfect but it is amazing! Where else can you buy the National Enquirer, and then turn around to see the person behind you in line is on the cover!

GC: What do you see in your future.
Debra Jo: I am working EVERY DAY to make my site the best it can be. I want it to be fun and funny, sexy and clever and I want it to be FOR the fans. In addition to that, I'd like to train in the health care field as a specialized care technician.

GC: Tell us a secret.
Debra Jo: I'm not wearing panties!
In fact, I NEVER do. Unless it's a shoot and that's what the outfit is, I let that kitty breathe! Think about that next time we're posing for a polaroid together at a show!

GC: We heard you visit women who have just had plastic surgery. Tell us about that.
Debra Jo: Well, that was what I was talking about before. I am building up another profession for myself as a care giver to folks who've just had plastic surgery. I provide round the clock pampering, dole out the proper medications and generally mother patients in the LA area. Beverly Hills has the world's best surgeons, and the clientele are rather upscale people.
I try to make the first, most critical time as painless and as worry-free as possible.

GC: Anything you would do different?
Debra Jo: Well, I got a little side-tracked in the early 80's with the usual stuff. Still, it taught me a lot though, so no, I think I'll keep my past.

GC: Advice to new models - new playmates?
Debra Jo: Save as much as you can...get a life outside of the industry, some other skill or career to have and to hold. And, if you want to have as much fun with your image and fans as possible, ATTEND A GLAMOURCON SHOW!

GC: List of likes? ie - foods, hobby, cars, events
Debra Jo: Heaven is full of pecan pies and seafood, especially sushi! Every TV is running new episodes of "Sex and The City" and "Larry Sanders." Every room is full of kittens and birds, especially sparrows! At night, they ALL cuddle up and go to sleep with me.

GC: Message to the miltary front line.
Debra Jo: You are my heroes! Stay safe and hurry home! If you get lonely, think of all the girls who'll be dying to hold you when you return...including me! Thank you!

GC: What do you want to conquer next?
Debra Jo: I'm still trying to learn my computer! If I can learn to send an attachment, without accidentally sending something totally embarrassing and wrong, I'll be happy! "Dear Mom, Whoops!!!"

GC: Share a little philosophy about life and love
Debra Jo: I have always tried to help out others. Everyone I meet is a good friend. Then we take it from there...if you treat me well, I'm going to treat you even better. But, if you screw me over, watch out for my left! That's the one they never see coming and it's the one that packs a real wallop! Just kidding...mostly!
And as for love, just follow your heart and everything will work out just fine.
Some things are just meant to be.

GC: We know that you have some one waiting for your kind & healing ministrations. We'll wrap this up. Thank you so very much for the window into the life of a PMOY.

Take a moment or two to view the photographs of Debra Jo displayed below. You will soon find the conclusion of the interview and a more photos at Debra Jo's web site - in the very near future.

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