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Interview Questions by
Bob Schultz
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Keith E. Williams

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Glamourcon's July 2005 Interview - Issue #24

Our New Age Beauty. Actress, model, musician, cosmic explorer...this truth-seeker is on many a journey. While we appreciate the intricacies of Quantum Mechanics, we can also appreciate a good potato bug story. Want to know more? We bet you do... Introducing, the lovely Bianca.
GC: A quick Bianca history. Where, when, etc.
Bianca: I was born in Hermosa Beach California, in 1981. I grew up in Hollywood, and I now live in Studio City, California.

GC: You have such an exotic look. What heritage is responsible for that?
Bianca: One half Filipino and one half Swedish. Ed: Obviously, a GREAT combination!

GC: Besides modeling, do you have a regular day job?
Bianca: I bar tend on the Hermosa Beach Pier. It's fun. Things really get moving when summer comes around. I enjoy the nightlife but it can be tiresome at times.

GC: What is the best thing about your job?
Bianca: Which one? I bar tend, act, model and am an artist. I've only sold one piece though. I'm sure, if I really made an effort, I could sell my pieces for quite a bit of money. I'm confident in that. Come fall, I'll be starting The Art Institute College of Design, in Los Angeles, and will be majoring in Interior Design. Once I'm out of school, my life will be solely dedicated to my art. So, the best thing about my job (or the job I'll have when I get out of school) is that I will be in a place that I love and I will be truly happy with the path that I have chosen.

GC: How long have you been modeling?
Bianca: Actually... about 4 months. As far as the entertainment industry goes, I started acting first at 18. So far I've booked a few feature films, a few TV Shows and a few commercials. To be honest, I've never had a real interest in modeling. Although, I must say that now that I've started and things really seem to be happening for me, I'm interested because I've woke up to the fact that it does make money.

GC: What got you interested in modeling?
Bianca: I have been approached many times over the past few years about modeling. Each time, I blew the opportunity off, saying to myself, "Okay this guy's just trying to get laid. He obviously thinks that by telling me he can make me a star, or get me into some slutty magazine, that I'm going to fall in love with him for the opportunity he is presenting me with." Then I'd throw the card away.

When I was 19, I did something pretty stupid, that I now regret. I was a waitress for a gentlemen's club one year. They threw their Grand Annual company Christmas Party. EVERYONE comes out to their parties, as this club is like the Starbucks of gentleman's clubs. This older man approached me at the party, and said I should shoot for Playboy. I thought he was just some sleaze-ball trying to look attractive by telling a young girl the whole, "I can make you a star" bit. So I said "yeah, yeah sure," but explained to him that I was just a waitress and that I'd never do anything topless, let alone nude.

He pretty much laughed at me, and said, "Honey, you just don't get it" (Not in those words, but something along those lines.) He passed me his card and, as soon as he turned around, I dropped the card on the ground. I honestly didn't believe he had any real connection to Playboy. But sure enough, I was at work a few weeks later and the TV behind the bar was always tuned into the Playboy Channel. There he was, giving an interview and under his name, "Hugh Hefner's long time friend." Well, I put my foot in my mouth and went home and told my mom about it. She smacked me upside the head (not literally) and said I missed out on a great opportunity. I did and regret that now. Back then, I saw that type of modeling from a much more innocent standpoint.

GC: So, that was a few years ago. What changed your mind?
Bianca: Who finally got me interested in modeling after a few years, was Moses from Eternal Desire. He is generally a small agency which sounded attractive because it's more of a "personal" business. I know what I am being submitted for and we do business on a daily basis. Being with a large firm may get you lost in the crowd or they could forget about you. Moses seemed genuinely interested in business. So, I guess I was just waiting for something that sounded genuine and legit to come around. I mean, growing up as a women in LA, you have to be wary of people that are just talking you up and really only trying to get into your pants. I figure that if I am going to go into modeling, I want to be a professional.

GC: Tell us about your first shoot. Were you nervous? Excited?
Bianca: My first paid shoot? Or, just the first time I posed in front of a camera? The first time I posed in front of a camera, I was drunk with an ex-boyfriend of mine. He dressed me up and I piled on make-up and we took very amateur black and whites.

My first paid shoot was for a client for poetry book (Jan-Charles) with Moses. I wasn't nervous because I've been acting, and am used to being in front of a camera. It was fun and easy.

GC: Do you think you would like to be a Playboy Playmate?
Bianca: Yeah, NOW I do. A few years ago I was so innocent and naive. I thought I'd never do something like that! My word! Show my boobs? Heaven forbid! ...Haha. Now I don't care, hey, they are just boobs. Would I be a Playmate? Hell yeah. It would pay for my college, I'd be able to pay off my car and have rent sewn up for a few months... Although I'd have to say that I'd only take my top off for Playboy and Playboy only. (I know, I know, that's what they all say, but it's true)

GC: What is your favorite type of modeling?
Bianca: If I could pick any shoot at all... I'm really interested in "lifestyle/editorial" type shoots. You know, where there is a little acting involved.

GC: Do you have a memorable photo shoot story?
Bianca: Shooting with Marco Patino has been my favorite so far. He's just so creative, and his "classic pin-up" type stuff is right up my alley. His work is what I believe Glamour modeling was originally intended to draw from; capturing women in their natural essence, with a creative and artistic flair.

GC: Do you have a model or photographer who mentors you in the business?
Bianca: I ask questions of anyone who I think knows a thing or two in areas where I may not. Like I said, I didn't really trust many agencies until I went with Moses. For the most part, I'm taking shots in the dark. I've always known it's easy to stray down the wrong path when it comes to "Glamour Modeling." Sometimes, it's just teetering on the edge of soft porn so I try to be picky and shoot with legit photographers and work with real advertising agencies. I know that it's easy to be taken for something you are not in this industry and, to be honest, I just want to be taken seriously. Give me a real job and I'll shoot it.

GC: Any photographer or magazine you would like to shoot for?
Bianca: Playboy... Juxtapose (I know that Juxtapose has nothing to do with modeling, but it's a really good magazine)... Vice (same with Vice) ...anything respectable. As far as photographers... I've shot with Sam Holden who's REALLY artistic. I love his work. Michael Mc Neily, (hope I'm spelling his name right) is one of the greatest artists I've ever had the opportunity to shoot with. I'd shoot with him again.

GC: Have you done any video work? If not, do you have plans to do some?
Bianca: When my film, "2001 Maniacs," is released to DVD, I guess that will be considered video work because you'll be able to find it at Blockbuster. (2001 Maniacs is a horror film shot by Raw Nerve Productions) But if you mean porn? Then, no.

GC: Any hobbies or other interests?
Bianca: I paint, draw and sculpt... I love art. I've been featured in four art shows this year. I play piano and guitar very well. I love music. My fingers just do what they do, without my thinking about it... I just play, and the music just comes through me. I play all original pieces. I play not for performance, but for therapy. When something's bothering me and I sit down at the piano bench, everything just melts away, and it's like I'm speaking to myself through melodies.
I'm very much into politics, and conspiracy theories. Most of what I've been reading over the past few years have been authors like David Icke, William Cooperand Jim Marrs. Actually, I don't like the term, "Conspiracy Theory," because a lot of what these authors claim is true... which is why it interests me in the first place.

I also have taken a deep interest in Quantum Physics and Metaphysics. It seems, out of all of the theories out there, Quantum theories (multi dimensional universes) seem to be the most likely of possibilities. I do believe in life after death and that the spirit lives on. I have a strong feeling that we are all connected in the most amazing ways. We are a global brain that operates on a much higher scale than we think. I'm interested in tapping into that. And again, it's just a quest for the truth. In asking myself, "what it's all about," I feel like I'm on a constant search for the answer.

GC: Your bio says you want to meet an alien or "some more friendly ghosts." If you could meet either or both, what would you ask them?
Bianca: Well, I say more friendly ghosts... because I have met ghosts. I don't share this with many people, but I'm what is called an "Astral Traveler." I've been having Out of Body Experiences and hundreds of prophetic dreams since I was a young child. Basically, I consider myself to have a mild case of Clairvoyance. (Which is also where the interest in Quantum Theories comes from, since, when you Astral Project, you are theoretically projecting your spirit body into other dimensions.... I'm sure that lot of people have no idea what I'm talking about and want to call it "weird," but I will use words like "astral plane" and "out of body experiences." The "Astral Plane" is known as another dimension where time and space have no relevance. If you care to know, Goggle it. It's pretty interesting; the CIA have use Astral Travelers, which is a form of "remote-viewing" as spies!)

I've met many Ghosts, or entities ... friendly, and non-friendly. I've helped them "move on" so to speak. I could go on about this forever, but I'm not sure that this interview is the time or place. You guys just want to hear about sex right? If you care to expand on these subjects with me, Myspace me, my URL is given at the bottom of this interview.

About aliens: What would I say to an Alien given the chance to meet him? (well it depends of which type of Alien.. lets just say... the Alien race known as the "Annunaki." Goggle "Zachariah Sitchen" for info on the Annunaki.) I would ask him if we as humans have any relation to them at all. I would ask him if the story about the Annunaki is real. Are they at all related to the "sacred bloodline" of the elite that run the world? (am I freaking you guys out?) I would ask if their planet is in our Solar System and which one (planet) it is. I would ask if I could be invited as a guest. And most of all I would say....."TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER" ..... hahahahaha

GC: We met you at the Model Showcase event. What was that show experience like?
Bianca:Through Moses. He told me to take a look at, and I was blown away by it. I honestly feel honored and quite lucky to be invited and asked to be featured as "The Glamourcon Girl of the Month." I see it as a nice little foot-in-the-door type thing. By the way, thank you for your graciousness and consideration. (to Bob)

GC: We understand you are going to Chicago for your first Glamourcon. Who are you going with?
Bianca: With Moses from Creations and another model, who I believe hasn't been picked yet. I'm exited about seeing Chicago. I'd like to see a REAL city. I know LA is nothing like a real hustle bustle city like NY (which was awesome), or Chicago....

GC: What do you expect at Glamourcon?
Bianca: Honestly, I'm not exactly sure. I'm sure I'll see a lot of beautiful women. Maybe I'll pick up some good work.

GC: How do you think Glamourcon benefits you or other models? Would you recommend it to other models?
Bianca: Glamourcon really helps models to get their name out and provides a nice environment for them to sell their merchandise. It's the best place to meet fans and promote yourself.

GC: What do you find sensual?
Bianca: I see sensuality as a state of mind or a zone you enter while in the throws of passion. It's a certain mood you take on, or rather, it takes you on. I'd say it's something that you can only experience with another person and they have to be on the same channel or wave length as you. Otherwise, you may as well be having sex with yourself. I think sensuality is tuning into a person while the person is tuned into you. This is the best way to have sex, or else, like I said, you might as well be just masturbating in the presence of someone else.

GC: OK, so we are on a with that reality show type question... What most embarrassing moment comes to mind?
Bianca: Okay here's one.. you may not find it THAT interesting but I was embarrassed. When I was in 10th grade, I was walking down the hall during "recess time" and there was a crowd huddled around something. I went up to the crowd and peeked my head in to see what the big deal was. It was a giant, I mean massive, potato bug. They were all just pointing at it, squeamishly.

For some reason, I wanted to show off and prove that the bug wasn't that big of a deal so I said, "What's the big deal it's just a bug! See?" I then attempted to kick it across the hall and, as I through my leg out, everyone gasped. Instead of kicking the bug, I missed the floor completely, and kicked myself off my feet and landed right on the bug itself! Oh my God, I'm laughing as I'm writing this! All the boys pointed at me and laughed and the girls just screamed, "EEEWWW!!!!." I laid there for a second and got up slowly, red faced with a nasty bug pressed into my jeans. hahahahaaha... wow. I'll never forget that. I do weird things sometimes.

GC: What do you do to relax after a shoot?
Bianca: Eat a big Carbolicious meal. A fat ass Cheese Burger, or a pasta meal. (because for the most part, I eat very light, but I reward myself with a fatty meal).

GC: What qualities do you look for in your man?
Bianca: I don't care HOW good looking he is... if we don't have chemistry, it's not going to work. I care mostly that we get along. And I have to be intrigued by his mind. I like to look up to people and admire their intelligence when it comes to picking a friend or lover. He doesn't have to have a bunch of money or drive a nice shiny car and I couldn't care less what he does for a living. I just like him to be interesting. I want to be interested in talking to him. He's got to be an open-minded and progressive! -- I do have to be physically attracted to him as well. I do have to have a need or want to touch him.

GC: How do we find you on the web?
Bianca: I don't have a web site, but I guess I should have one, huh? I'm on Myspace though. is my Myspace URL, and if you care to read my writings at all, this is my blog URL: Eternal Desires is making a page for me as we speak.

GC: What does the future hold for Bianca?
Bianca: I model and act because it pays the bills. Actually, I act also because it's fun. Modeling is mostly because it pays the bills. It's not my passion. So in five years from now, I see myself as an Interior Designer at the top of my industry. I want to be a renowned cutting edge designer. I want it bad enough and so I will have it. And hey, if I "take off" with modeling and acting, then so be it. I'm not about to put all my eggs in one basket. I'll take the opportunities as they present themselves.

GC: What do you want to say to your present fans and fans to be?
Bianca: "YOU LIKE ME! YOU REALLY, REALLY LIKE ME!" .... just kidding. Um... I'd just say... thank you for caring to be interested in me. Whether it be because you like my pictures or you are actually interested in WHO I am. Thank you for having me in your thoughts. I'm honored to have "fans" at all.

GC: It's time to tell us a secret
Bianca: What are you expecting to hear? Let me think... um... I DON'T WEAR UNDERWEAR! There, are you happy? I said something sexual, and provocative! Oooohhh!!!! Hot, huh? Just kidding, ...I don't know, I've got a thousand secrets... I'd have to do some digging to pull some skeletons out for you. Okay seriously let me think of a secret....... Okay ready?

GC: Ready? Well, maybe we will leave this secret for another time, place and, maybe even space... Thank you for spending time with us today, Bianca. We'll see you at the next Glamourcon!

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