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February 21, 2003
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Interview Questions by
Bob Schultz &
Keith E. Williams

Photography By
Keith E. Williams

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Glamourcon's May Interview - Issue #5

Well, it's a beautiful spring day and we're down in Southern California talking to Adult Film star, Entertainer & Penthouse Pet Taylor Wayne.
GC: Thank you for allowing us to come and see you today.
Taylor: Thanks for coming down and seeing me.
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GC: You are now a Glamourcon Veteran.
Taylor: Am I? Wow, that makes me a veteran? Thank God, after 10 or 11 years of being in the adult industry, I'm not a veteran of that yet.
GC: Well, you're certainly a veteran of Glamourcon.

GC: Tell us how you discovered Glamourcon?
Taylor: Actually, that's a good question. Actually, the first one I did was quite a few years ago but I stopped coming to them for a while for whatever reason. I think I was on the road for a while traveling too much. I guess, probably, a model told me about Glamourcon. I'm assuming somebody told me about it and I contacted you. Then, I didn't come for a couple of years but decided, because I was dancing less on the road, I still wanted to get out and meet the fans. They weren't able to meet me. They were emailing me on the website asking me how they could meet me so I thought I have to start going to Glamourcon.

GC: So its basically a new way for you to reach your audience, maybe its a new audience?
Taylor: Yes, sometimes it is a new audience, A lot of the guys come to Glamourcon; most of them you know are collectors. These guys aren't your regular guys who buy porno videos. These guys collect stuff so its actually really interesting for me to go to these shows versus a strip club where I might be featured because you've got two different kinds of guys. If I go to a strip club, surely I get a lot of hard core guys that come and buy/bring stuff they've collected of me but more of those guys come to Glamourcon and they bring magazines that I shot in 1989. Of course, I'm more embarrassed by my hairstyle or makeup but sure I'll autograph this but don't show anybody else and they think its wonderful. They don't care that you have a too big 80's flipped hairdo that everybody wore back then like the Farah Fawcett hair style and the God awful makeup they put on you in the 80's. The guys love it and, actually you know what, its kind of nice to see those old magazines because either I never got to see them at all or didn't even know about them. Then, you know there's a point in your career, in the beginning, where you go, "Oh, I don't like that and I don't want to see it." As the years pass, everything becomes nicer. You get older and you say, "Oh, its nice. I was 18 then. That's lovely and I think I was chubbier then.

GC: If you had to pick one thing you liked most about Glamourcon, what would that be?
Taylor: That would be easy the guys. They guys at Glamourcon are so respectful of all the girls. They are all gentlemen. Its a very difficult situation at a convention where there's so many people and you've got the merchandise and people are trying to take photographs and you're trying to speak to everybody and people are getting crazy and aren't taking their turns... it can get very stressful. Glamourcon isn't like that. They guys wait in line, they're very respectful and they know it can get stressful when people act nuts. I've noticed more so about Glamourcon than any other show that the guys that come to the Glamourcon are just super! At Glamourcon, they seem to be just real Gents!

GC: I think so too. Well, apart from the anatomically correct soap (inside joke), do you have any other Glamourcon stories you would like to tell, something that might have happened at Glamourcon?
Taylor: Oh God, yes I do. I think it was a year ago I was dressed in one of my skimpy outfits and the guys were taking some pictures and I didn't realize that one of my lips had pushed its way a little outside of my panties and of course nobody told me which is funny because I just said they were all Gents. Meanwhile, they don't tell me my lips are crawling out of my panties. So at the next Glamourcon I did, the guys all came back with a photograph and I was like hold on a second. I have half a pooch hanging out and nobody told me and they were like, "Well we were all having a pretty good time and your pooch probably was too, so we didn't want to interrupt what was going on."

GC: I've got to get away from the registration table more often!

GC: Do you have in inspirations or role models in this business that you've looked up to?
Taylor: Yes and no. I really like to be Taylor Wane and think I've done well for myself. Although anybody would want to aspire to be as successful as Jenna Jameson. She has done so well for herself and of course she has a whole team of people helping her which is probably good advice for any young girl getting into the buisness. When I got into porn in 1989, porn was a baby. People that were in porn, including the companies, were just saying hey, lets shoot some porn. They weren't treating it as a proper business as Hollywood treats their business. They want a movie to do well and they want the star of the movie to really be seen as a big star so they get a promotions team to get out there and let people know about it. They make it larger than life. Porn has never done that. Then Jenna came along and happened to be lucky, she got with Wicked. Vivid is another company who has always did very well with the girls but Wicked really took it to another level when they signed Jenna Jameson. They really kicked porn up there with kind of mainstream entertainment and so this stuff is on E channel and everything and anybody in the porn business should aspire to that kind of success. If you didn't, you'd be a fool. I admire Jenna, she's done very well for herself.

GC: That leads into my next question about how the adult business has changed since you started?
Taylor: Oh yeah, totally different business since I started. For example, girls now have managers, not agents. Now, people actually have to call the managers to hire the girls. Girls get a lot more money now than you did back then. Girls getting into porn now can demand top dollar and not even have a name for themselves. If they look good, there is a good chance they'll get top dollar. Now, people are more business minded about porn and it is about the money and the benefits. Very few people become millionaires, men or women. They really don't become wealthy the way the fans think they do. If we got royalties, we would all be wealthy; that would just be a dream. See, if I had the right people or team behind me, I would have that.

GC: Well, you are a multitalented performer, obviously you know that. Of all of the things you do, what do you like best?
Taylor: I guess its hard to say I like one more than the other because its good to stretch out and not get jaded at one thing. If you're just doing videos its great but if you don't get out and meet the fans, you're not going to enjoy being a movie star as much if you don't get out to conventions or feature dancing. Other than getting a paycheck and having sex, what's really going to be the big payoff? The great payoff is when you show up at a convention and a bunch guys come who thing you are the bees knees and they love you and have collected all your stuff and you just think its really cool. All of it compliments one another. I love to model, that's what I started off doing. I love it.

GC: Can you point to a moment that was perhaps a high point in your career so far?
Taylor: I guess one of the most exciting things for me was becoming a Penthouse pet and be on a Penthouse cover even though I had obviously achieved success as an Adult film star. To get on the cover of Penthouse, its such a difficult thing to do. People don't realize how difficult it is. Thousands of girls submit pictures to be in the magazine and thousands are rejected. So when Penthouse actually called me up and said I was going to be on the cover I was like God, stop. I don't believe you. I didn't even tell anybody until it was on the newsstand in case Penthouse changed their minds. I didn't want anybody to know about it until I knew it was for real.

GC: We are told that you like to have a lot of control over your own career path. How so?
Taylor: When I first got into the business I would just model for hire and would take whatever modeling jobs came up. I wanted to work. I didn't even care what price they were paying me; I just wanted to work. I love modeling. Some of the picture were just God awful and they might end up the cover of some magazine like one in LA that was just a magazine of escorts. Girls you could call and get for $100 and there was my face, right on the cover. "Call 818 blah, blah, blah and I'll come over for $100!" So, if I was dating a guy he might know I was a porn star but his friends would say Taylor is on the front cover of this magazine and it says I can call up and get her for $100 an hour. I would see girls that I know that were not prostitutes in those magazines. So I would call up the magazine and ask if I could buy the girl that was on the cover and they said sure. I asked if it would be the same girl that was on the cover and they said yes. That annoyed me and I thought that if I don't get a reign on these pictures I can never put a stop to this. After that, when photographers would hire me, I would write right across the model release, "No 900 numbers or escorts ads."

GC: For those in the audience that cannot hear your accent, Taylor has quite a British accent. Taylor, you are obviously from England. Whereabouts?
Taylor: I was born in Gateshead which a small town outside Newcastle which is where Newcastle Brown Ale comes from as well a quite a few famous soccer players and of course, it is where the coals from Newcastle come from. It is 150 miles south of Scotland and 350 to 400 miles NE of London. It is a wonderful place. You should visit it.

GC: Where do you see your career taking you?
Taylor: I could still go on for quite a while. Nina Hartley is a lot older than I am and has been going for a long time. I have so many things now. I have the website and I do that by myself. I design it, I do all the updates, everything that the guys see on the website is something that I attended to. Guys might think who is answering the email and who is doing all this..well, it's me. On top of the website, I own a photo business which is more than just photographing me. I hire models all the time. Any models that want to be in men's magazines should call me and maybe I can book a photo shoot for them. I can be as old as I want and still hire and photograph other girls. I could be like Suze Randall. The Internet has hurt the magazine business a bit because you can get so many photos on it.

GC: But you can't hide the Internet under you mattress or take it into the rest room.
Taylor: There is something tactile about the magazine and you can collect them. I've seen guys driving down the freeway looking at porno mags and I think, "You're going to crash!"

GC: Speaking of your website, I hear yours is a great deal
Taylor: Yes, one low price and you get everything including free web cam shows. I do sex shows live and do not charge any extra for that. I have streaming video, peep cams, thousands of original photos, interviews and all kinds of other great stuff. Right now, Glamourcon fans can get a trial membership for $12.95 for the week, if they hurry. And if they join my fan club, they get a month of site access included.

My fan club address is
PO BOX 572229
TARZANA, CA 91357-2229

I also have a telephone number the guys can call me at 1-800-ask-keen ext. 0324256

I have a few diffeent web sites to check out:

GC: It sounds like you have a ton of great stuff to offer your fans. Thanks for taking a this time to provide us something great for our gang too.

Take a moment or two to view the photographs of Taylor displayed below. You will soon find the complete and uncut portion of the interview which gets SIZZLING as well as VERY, VERY HOT photos at Taylor's web site - in the very near future.

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There is more interview and additional photos at

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