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Thanks to your generosity and contributions, the Headstone Fund has acheived is monetary goal. There was enough money collected to purchase a fitting headstone for Jasmine/Michelle.

Glamourcon extends a special thanks to Michael Ilyinsky for establishing & managing the fund.

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Jasmine Grey attended Glamourcon for the first time in Chicago at GC32 in September of 2003. She quickly became a favorite of the fans and the staff. She attended every GC up until 37 in Los Angeles, just three weeks ago. We were honored to call Jasmine our friend and have the blessing of spending time with this incredible lady. We will miss her. But she will live on in our memories.

Mar. 8, 1984
Medina, Ohio, USA
Dec. 10, 2005
Medina, Ohio, USA
To Be Interred:
Spring Grove Cemetery
Medina, Ohio, USA
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Tricia from the Glamourcon staff attended the December 13th, 2005 viewing- click here for a brief description

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Your were a brightly shining light. While I may have served to keep you grounded, you helped me soar. My heart aches and my eyes weep. I'll miss you, but never forget you.


I was so taken by Jasmine's charm, beauty and professionalism when we did her Glamourcon Girl of The Month shoot. She was such a generous and positive person. I know she would have been able to accomplish so much more. I miss her. Bob
The first time I met Jasmine we just bonded... over natural curves... her smile and warmth! She was a dear dear friend who was so full of life - you just had to smile and giggle and act silly around her. There is a deep void in this world without her and I am just deeply saddened almost beyond words. Someone said that she lived life without apologies and excuses and lived it to its fullest...I guess that is all we can hope for. She will never ever be replaced. Miss you already Jas! ~ Jenna
Look forward to seeing you again someday. Although it will seem like a long time to us, to you it will be but a flash of time. When you go through the Gates, please give our best to Dorothy Stratton, Gail Stanton, Missy Cleveland and Elisa Bridges. God speed until we see you again. Dan
Jasmine was a rare breed in the glamour girl world. She was genuinely sweet, oozing with fun, and void of petty jealousies. She was taken from us far to soon. May her vivacious spirit live on in all of us who were blessed to have known her. Kira Reed
Jasmine, I only just recently got to know you and find myself terribly affected by you leaving us. Your sweet heart and personality were truely rare. It really was too soon for you to leave. Without that precious smile of yours, the world just won't be the same. You will be missed in ways words can't explain. Heaven is a little more beautiful with you in it now. John from PP&G Collectibles
I was just beginning to get to know you, yet in that short time you were very sweet and loving person. I know im not the only person who will miss that beautiful smile. God has a beautiful new angel, and I sure hope to see you again someday. Peedy from PeedyMedia
Jasmine,such a beautiful girl,and will sadly be missed,even though your in a better place,your life on earth was way to short,God Bless you dear.JIM from Stepbeyond in Kenosha,WI.
From the sweet and charming smiles to the County music Jasmine danced to, we will never forget the time we had shared working with her. We send our thoughts and prayers to the Grayshaw family. Amy & Sean Sisler
thoughts and prayers go out to the grayshaws,and the quiet,but ever present Chunk.This pixie of a person[with a pro wrestlers soul]is deeply missed.We were pleased to share this flash of sunlite,in a world so filled with shades of Grey.Eric &allison
I worked with Jasmine in Ohio... I've known her since August of 2002... She was one of the most wonderful people I have ever known. A part of my heart will always be touched by her. ~Misty
Jasmine Grey was the greatest and most beautiful model at Glamourcon. I am deeply saddened by this. She was the kindest person and I will miss her very much forever. Pete Alva - Photographer
This precious, sweet angel was taken from us much too soon. An unforgettable smile and a glowing sweetness...I'm so lucky to have met her. We will always be thinking of you. With eternal love, Ed Barczak Jr.
Wow. Billy Joel was right. Times like this I wish he wasn't.
Sorry to hear about this. -Joey Reynolds
So sad...so very sad. I had the good fortune of meeting Jasmine at the 2004 LA Glamourcon. What a delight...she was beautiful, funny and a truly sweet person. Steve
I couldnt believe my eyes then I saw a messsage in my box that Jasmine has passed. I can only hope her and her poor friends didnt suffer. My thoughts are with her and her family. We will all especially miss her when we see the space where she should be at the glamourcons. -Jen Taylor
Thoughts and Prayers go out to the family and loved ones of this young lady. The unexpected loss and sudden tragedy that took place, has greatly affected not only those that were close to her, but many others she will never know. Even though Jasmines' short time on earth is now remembered... she has moved on to a much better place. RB
I first met Jasmine in 2003. What an amazing person. I had the honor of shooting with her on 2 occations. She loved modeling, and had one of the best work ethics of any model I've worked with. I want to share one of the last emails she sent me: >> Albert, Hi there. I just looked at the video and I love it. I love love love the shower scene. I wish we could of shot in LA. I got your message on sunday but I was at dinner and afterwards I really didn't feel like shooting. Are you going to be traveling anywhere anytime soon? I would love to come down to miami after the new year and just have a free for all shooting. Let me know if this is possible. Happy turkey day!!! jasmine >> The world was a much nicer place with Jasmine in it. - Albert Ortega
"Some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never ever the same. ~Flavia Weedn, Forever" - Wayne J. Gilbert, Photographer
I had the pleasure of meeting her at Glamourcon 37 in L.A. and we had a talk of working together in the near future. Our encounter was very brief, but she made me feel as I had known her for years, she was very friendly and kind. My condolences to her family and all her friends. Edward Santizo
My favorite part of Jasmine's Glamourcon interview is her closing comment, "Even though I am comfortable with my own nudity, at the shows, I like to picture every one around me naked. It kind of levels the playing field." I vividly recall her admiring various other models' shoes and impossibly skimpy attire. Her sincerity was unquestionable, i don't think she had a jealous or a competitive bone in her body. From what i could tell, she exemplified my elusive bombshell beauty who also practiced the virtues of compassion and kindness, and with a sense of humor to boot! My galaxy of beauty is now dimmer by one star of considerable magnitude. -Brian
Jasmine is someone that I will never forget as long as I live. Jasmine rescued what was left of my career and jump started it to heights I never dreamed it would reach. For that, I can never thank her enough. Jasmine, I'll always think of you as my personal angel. May God bless you and keep you forever. Jason Hadden
I never got to meet her, but I was a fan and have purchased many of her videos through Paragon. She was beautiful and from what everyone here is saying a good, kind person. I join in mourning her but feel confident that this young lady is in a better place, even than Ohio.
Jasmine was a great friend and a absolutely beautiful person! She was one of the few people I could believe in and learn from. I can only hope to stay as grounded as she was.Everytime she smiled it just lit up a room. She was beautiful inside and out! I will miss her deeply! She is truly an angel!!!!! May God keep you safe! Until we meet again Jazzy. Love Alex
An old adage: Most people come and go, but some people grow on you. Jasmine, that's YOU! I am truly blessed to have known you and being your friend and fan. Jasmine, I love you, but I miss you even more. May the Good Lord take care of you! Bruce L.
Jasmine was a beautiful woman and I was pleased to have had the opportunity to meet her at the Motor City Comic Con in Detroit last May. My condolences to her family and loved ones. Dean
I can't beleive this has happened to her. I n all my years in this business, she was the one who put a smile on my face always. I met her when she first started and we would chat after the Glamourcon and she would ask me questions about how to get more work etc and I looked in her beautiful face and into her beautiful eyes and wished nothing but the best for this young lady because she was like God's light that shines on us all and anyone who has been in this lady's presence knows what I speak of. This is a very sad day and I send my condolences to her family and friends and tonight I will pray for you my little Jasmine for you truly changed my life and the impact you had on me will remain a golden memory in my heart forever. I love you Jasmine Cleopatra dec 12th 2005
Bob if you see this message, whomever reads this... I would like to start a donation system so that we can get her a booth at the next glamourcon and anyone that has pictures or publications of jasmine can have them displayed there in loving memory of her....i am not ready to let go of her beauty and i want to make a tribute to her because she is unforgettable, we can all help each other put it together. If you want to help me do this, please email me at: cleopatraentertainer@yahoo.com This is cleopatra of the nile. Thank you for your time
A breath of fresh air. Truly a good person and someone I was always glad to see or hear from. Though she only came up to my waist I always looked up to her. A tragic loss to us all. Michael Ilyinsky
I didn't know Jasmine but her smile was truly infectious and she touched many more folks than she may have imagined. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends. She will be missed. Darr Kinge.
Sometimes i'm not good with words, but i'll give it a try. Is really hard to believe that Jasmine Grey passed away nor gone. I really shock and also surprise. She was so young and it's a shame her life have end in a tragic way. Yesterday afternoon i already mailed her a Christmas card and i really didn't know she passed away. Even though i haven't met Jasmine Grey in person, my deeply condolences to her family and her friends. At of young age, i really don't why her life have to be taken away. Again, even though i haven't met Jasmine Grey in person, i'm really going to miss her and also she'll miss by her fans but not forgotten. Goodbye Jasmine Grey, may you rest in peace!! V.L. (VL) Of Brooklyn, New York
I am stunned. Absolutely stunned and saddened. I had just talked to her about doing something with us in 2006 and now... Ugh, I'm just sick. What a shame. She was a wonderful, sweet woman. Damn.
I am very sorry to hear this news. I met Jasmine at Comic Con last year, and regreted not getting a signed picture. Made sure to get one at this year's Glamourcon. She was an incredibly nice and fun person, and our loss is heaven's gain. Kurt W
Hey lil Angel Girl...life won't be the same without you...Nat
Jasmine was such a wonderful, special person. Although many knew her only for her beauty, Jasmine was so much more. Every time I saw her, she always had a smile on her face regardless of who was there or what was happening. Jasmine definitely brought a lot of joy into the world and it is a lesser place without her. I will always remember last time we chatted at dinner/drinks after GC 37. Pete
i created an online memorial at findagrave. com for Jasmine. here's the link:
The Page please post a note or virtual flower for her there if you wish. Thanks.
I can't believe she's really gone. There is a place in my heart that will forever remain dark. What a beautiful person,and what a tragic loss. Janet
I only got told this today by someone that Jasmine had passed away,I was truly truly shocked at this sad news considering I had only met her at Glamourcon 37 for the first time,she was A very lovely girl to be around. My heart goes out to her family and friends. May you rest in peace Jasmine. Amiee Rickards
Never knew her personally, but i´ve never seen a smile that said so much, that smile belongs to jasmine grey.Keep smiling jasmine.Roy Goncalves
Jasmine will be truely missed forever. We will have love for you always. I have a memorial for Jasmine at (page not found so removed)
A very special lady has left for a better place. I had the pleasure of working with Jasmine on a few occasions. She graced the pages of Tailgate Magazine and GarageTease.com. She was full of life and could put a smile on anyones face. She will be deeply missed by myself and many people in the automotive industry. If the GC idea of putting a booth together happens, Id like to contribute the 2 issues of Tailgate that she was featured. Jas you ROCK! Dan Davis
What a shock! I never met her but looking at her picture brought a tear to my eye. She was way too young to be taken so early. Shari Eckert
Jasmine, you brought nothing but comfort and sunshine into our lives. We miss you desperately. You have been and will always be our Cheerleader Videos Poster Girl. We love you our tiny angel Jasmine.
I never got to work with her but she was my muse to look at and inspired me to create beautiful images may God Bless her and her family - David K
I first met Jasmine at the Chicago Glamourcon in 2004. I didn't know who she was when I arrived, but I bought a photo of her there which she kindly signed for me. I decided to join her website & I was hooked!!! I've been a member ever since & even corresponded with her many times. Talking about whatever. Her website,music,life in general. Was planning to do a photo shoot with her next year. Told her my ideas,etc.. The last email I recieved from her was a month or 2 ago. I had purchased one of her most famous bikinis. The blue,yellow,purple one. I had it framed professionally & I sent her a photo of it. She responded saying it looked beautiful! She especially loved the aqua blue matt board. I told her I wanted the bikini to look as if it had been thrown on the beach while she ran into the ocean naked. If you'd like to see that & other photos I took of Jas, go to the link. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/jasmine_grey/ I'm still very upset & grieving over her death. I found myself at work just sobbing. My condolences to her family & friends. Rest in peace dear sweet Jasmine.
Jasmine was a pleasure to be around and a joy to work with. Always greeting you with a big smile and a lot of laughs. Thank you Michael for introducing me to her, my work and my life have been enriched by knowing her. J.C. Casad
I spent this evening with Jasmine (Michelle), her family and friends, at the funeral home. The room was packed with young people, something that should not happen, yet they all came and they all said the same thing;Michelle was very loved, admired and will forever be missed. Her casket of steel blue was covered in a mass of beautiful pink roses. There with her was her stuffed companion Scooby-do, she was wearing a white 'hoodie', her fingers as always with lots of rings. Pic's of her-everywhere,snapshots of her with Hef, at GC, with fans, family, PM's, from when she was a baby, at 11 years old with short hair, her prom pics and with her boyfriend of 8 years. She had a talent, a talent to make friends and it was evident this evening as the funeral home was packed, not a spot open in the lot to park. Jasmine will be missed, by so many, a true light has been taken from this earth to shine in Heaven. May her soul rest with God and may her family and friends find comfort.....Tricia
Jasmine was a delight to be in the company of and will be missed. Deepest sympathy to her family and closest friends. sincerely TaylorWane
Jasmine was a true sweetheart to everyone who knew her. I met her at glamourcon in chicago a few years ago. She was always smiling and always very polite and very much a sweet person.She was such a fun person to be around. I cant believe she is gone and i am truly sad about her tragic passing.We will miss you dearly young lady and you will always be in my prayers. God bless you jasmine, for remembering your smile will always bring us warmth. My deepest sympathy to jasmines family and closest friends. "Rest in peace angel face".May god be with you always..... Bob Martinez
I firt net u at the cicago 2004 glamour con-i was looking for Aria but i spent all my timt talking to you-although i am 40 and young at heart-your genuine easy going nature were so authentic-iwreally fell for u that day and tried to set up a private watercolor for u so u could make $500-$1000 to save for that saloon u wanted -i hope u do-anything can happen to an angel in heaven steven kozara
Oh my gosh. I am absolutely shocked to hear about this. What a shame. How short can life be for some. What a wonderful girl. I had the opportunity to meet her in L.A. in 2003 and then again at San Diego Comic Con in 2004. What a sweet girl. I know she will be missed tremendously. My deepest sympathy and my heart goes out to her family and friends that love her. Roger Humphries
A fellow Ohioan is gone and the world is a poorer place because of it. Because she was one of the brighter stars this state will ever create. My thoughts to her family and friends. Chris V., Springfield,OH
Oh My God You were such a sweet beautiful girl; When i first met you at a photo shoot with Michael Illiwinsky i thought to myself. She is so sweet ans so cute! What a terrible shame. We will all miss you, but remember you.! much love to you Love Utah sweet
Her passing is one of the Most Devastating passings in my life. Having only known her a short time in my life, her bright smile, beautiful personality and love of life was something that touched my spirit everyday! She will be missed each and every day of the rest of my life. I was VERY glad to have worked with her and VERY FORTUNATE enough to call her my friend.
i love you for ever iam amjad from syria
I remember meeting you at Internext in Las Vegas and talking to you. You were so nice and genuine. It is sad to see such a great person who loves life so much leave us so suddenly. My heart goes out to your family and your friends.
i think she was a beautiful person that touched each and everyone lives who saw her pictures we will all miss her bob sharick... bobo38@verizon.net 2
Jasmine will be missed forever by everyone who was lucky enough to know her. Jas you are in our hearts forever... "I was waiting for such a long time, she said. I thought you forgot. It's hard to forget, I said, when there is such an empty space when you are gone."
Jasmine and I had discussed briefly about working together. I am shocked and saddend by this terrible news. She had a passion for modeling, and I'm sure for life in general. She will be greatly missed. Eric Jackson
I am in shock right now. Jasmine was beautiful in spirit and, of course, that beauty resonated outward. Jasmine and I worked very closely on her comic book and I got a chance to know her better when she visited Chicago for both WizardWorld Chicago '05 and GlamourCon Chicago '05. We got a chance to hang out and talk about our lives and how our careers would be like in a few years. Now, I am at a lost for words, feeling so many emotions. Nothing can prepare anyone for this. My condolences and prayers go out to the family and friends of Jasmine. May we all find comfort in the fact that she touched so many lives. "To my friend of beauty so fair, I will miss you." Torrence King, Chicago, IL
Why? why? why? Why did you go?I'll never forget your smile.You will live forever in my mind.God bless you and keep you forever.Say hi to angels. Rony/Istanbul
I still can't believe Jasmine is gone. She was such a brilliant light. So full of life. Beautiful and kind. I will always remember when we shot at Agua Dulce and how she was such a Good sport, hiking in at 6:00 AM. She would never stop smiling no matter what. A real pro. I'm going to miss her! Craig Gardner
I hadn't talked to her in years, but I'm a local kid who grew up with Michelle. It's good to know she's in a better place now, and here's hoping that she's having as much fun now as she did here with us. I'll see you around, kiddo. - JJ
There is a new star in heaven tonight. I was looking forward to working with Jasmine next year and I'm so saddened to hear of her passing. She and her family are in my prayers. Bryan Dennis
Jas, You brightened my life just by knowing you. You didn't go alone, you took a piece of me with you. Forever in my heart, I'll miss you. Michael
I saw Jasmine at many conventions, and she was always smiling. I never saw her unhappy. She is sorely missed. Many angels are stepping back at the beauty of this wonderful woman who has joined their ranks.
Jasmine,the only thing you didn't have was wings,and now you will.thank you for being nice,we'll miss you at mid-ohio.David "Z"
Hello, I wish to offer my condolences to the family and friends of Jasmine Grey. From the photo featured, Ms. Grey was an intelligent, attractive, and wonderful young woman with alot to offer the world. A sad end to a beautiful young lady.
Each life lost diminishes us as a whole. You will be missed
I want to first give my heart-felt sadness to all family and friends of Jasmine. I met her at GlamourCon a long time ago, and I was soo impressed my her genuine love for all her fans and admireres. And how much time she would give of herself to let her fans know how much she appreciates them. And everytime I came to visit GlamourCon, Jasmine would always welcome me with a hugg and a kiss. She treated everyone like if they were her best friend. I'm gonna forever miss you Love Bunny Jazzy. Mmmuuaaahhh! Kim R. Hermosa Beach, Calif.
I didn't even know her, but I passed her table at glamourcon 37 and we smiled at each other. She was very lovely and it's so shocking to have seen someone just weeks ago only to hear that she is now gone. I can just tell that she was a great person, and it is clear from this page how loved she must be. How sad for her family in this holiday season. I hope they are taking care of each other the best way they can. Sydney Moon
Michelle and I came from two different worlds though we were cut from the same cloth. The one quality that makes her shine is that she has class. Not the store-bought-kind of the rich and famous but the earthy kind that is bestowed by grace. Carry on my friend, your spirit lives in us all. - Michael Ilyinsky
I remember the 1st time I saw her. In the very 1st spot as you walked in the door to Glamourcon 33. Despite her diminutive size you couldn't miss her. Her warm smile & bright eyes, something about her fairly shouted "I want to have have fun!" She was cheerful & extremely pleasant. I only wish i could have known her better & seen more of her dynamic personality. This world was brighter with her in it & is now dimmer with her passing. That it occurred so close to Christmas only makes her loss even more heartbreaking. To her family: she's in the loving arms of GOD now. Take solace in the knowledge. --- With deepest regards & in loving memory --- Yanusz Hardt
Like many, I never met Miss Grayshaw, but she's definetely had an effect. It's amazingly sad that she had to be taken at such a young age. My deepest condolences to her family and friends.We'll miss you, but we won't forget. Rest In Peace, Jasmine! --EC in Ohio.
I met Jasmine at the Chicago Glamourcon the last couple of years and she was one of the sweetest models I have ever met. And she was very kind to me- I will never forget that. I truly wish a lot of other models had the right attitude that she had. Condolences and prayers go out her family, and the families of the other two passengers who lost their lives. The world is a much colder place. She left us way too soon. All of the photographers and other models who had the opportunity to work with her will miss her very dearly. All of us will miss her very dearly. I will miss her very dearly. Jasmine, we love you. We will never forget you. Geoff H
God Bless you sweetheart. I never had the honor of meeting you but I will never forget you. You brought a smile to my face when I needed it. You blazed though this world like a shooting star that shined oh so bright! May the Lord comfort your family, friends and fans and wipe away their tears with the joy of your amazing spirit and kindred soul. I will see you another time Jas, when there are no more tears Love Jeff
First, please let us express our sincerest condolences regarding Jasmine. We were all deeply saddened and disturbed when we heard of her passing. Jasmine was not only beautiful on the outside, but she was an absolute sweetheart as well. She was an asset to our sites and her smile made everyone happy. Most sincerely, Sean and Karyn
One To One Jasmine was a different experience.Showed up as a unannounced guest of Barron publications at MotorCity conventions.At first glance she was the quiet one[boy,did i misread that!]Meeting her in person,first..and then found her work[completely reverse of my normal approach]Her work,is her..not some persona that she had to push forward.She was 100%natural[yes,guys i mean it both wasys]and she was 21.Suggestion..if a small group of fans of her work [less than 25]would write a check for 121.00[one two one]A headstone would exist for a point of contact for family,friends,and fans.That done,the focus could shift to making an impact on kids in the Childrens hospital in her area.Mailing address is on her site.Just a thought.ERic
so sorry about this loss i saw you in michigan twice this year at the comic book shows with my boyfriend. may god be with everyone on this tragic loss! my prayers to all, elizabeth
I never had the pleasure of meeting Jasmine. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends right now. Remember her soul lives on, and she will always be a shinning star Becca
Heaven is just a little bit brighter now.......sniff
This is a shock. It seemed like just yesterday when I met Jasmine at the Chicago Wizard World last summer. Not only was she beautiful, but very kind and sincere. And she was very nice to my two sons also. My heart and prayers goes out to her and her family. She will be missed. David Hansen
I used to be frightened of dying I used to think death was the end But that was before I`m not scared anymore I know that my soul will transcend If I die tomorrow I`d be allright Because I believe That after we`re gone The spirit carries on.... From Dream Theater "The Spirit Carries On"
I never met Jasmine but i stumbled across the website thru another thru craigslist in New Jersey. I just wanted to say that we are sorry for everyone's loss.Our prayers go out to Jasmine's family,co-workers,friends and anyone who new of her. It's very sad to know someone with great talent,beauty and youth be missed from such a tragic situation. We at RRM Images,RRM Music and Sound Collision dedicate the U2 Song "City of Blinding Light's" to Jasmine's Memory.Sound Collision from New Jersey will perform the song in her memory during the next show. M. Karlen,K.Dowling,J.Lanteign,R. Struck and Sound Collision. May god Bless
I went to school with her and she was a wonderful, kind person. I've known her since grade school, and she will be greatly missed.
I met Jasmine At Mid Ohio Con This Year in Columbus. She was very kind to me and didnt mind just talking with me. It is Becasue of her that i have Desided To go into Photography. Even tho i only knew her for 30min she was the Insperation i needed to start my work and i Thank her for that. and just want her to know that She Will be Missed David - Columbus, OH
I have always been told that the Lord puts everyone on earth to do a certain job for him. And once that job has been done he asks you to return to him and he sets you out for another job. I had never met this beautiful young lady but reading everything that has been wrote, I think she touched alot of people and showed them how to love. I am guessing this was the job she was sent for.God bless her family and friends and always remember, she may be physically gone but look to your heart, she will always be there for you and Angels never go away, just look on your shoulders.Casey-Waterloo,IA
Having met Jasmine at Chicago's Glamourcon, I am sorry to hear about her unfortunate car accident. "The Good Do Die Young!" My condolences go out to her family and close friends. Dennis Nelson--Chicago
Ilove you
I love this girl so much. She was the greatest friend that someone could have. She was always smiling, and would always make me smile. Just wonderful. I cant find words to describe her. I love you girly. Mandi-
21 is just to young. She was gorgeous and kind. My heart and my prayers go out to her family and friends. Rest in peace, Jas.
I can't believe she's gone. The world just isn't as bright anymore. Steve.
Much love, prayers, and condolences goes out to Jasmine's family and friends in the wake of this unfortunate event. Their loss is my loss. I love you and I'll miss you, Jasmine... ALWAYS. Peace out. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. Psalm 30:5b
I was introduced to Jasmine by another artist at a Detroit trade show, 2004. I she was a very shy person (in the beginning), but found to be very sweet, kind and humorous all at the same time. I spoke with her briefly at this past Glamourcon event and mentioned to me how much she wanted me to render an art piece of her...I am so sorry to read the news of her death...it is so devastating...my condolences to her family, sincerely. She will always be remembered by me, Jon Hul P E A C E
She was a gorgeous girl, never met her, but i don't doubt she was a sweet girl doing good things with her life judging by the messages i have read here. It is so sad to see a life cut short like that. Mandy Lynn
I met Jasmine at MidOhioCon and she was one of the most wonderful people I have ever met in my life. In only the few minutes I shared with her, they were enough to fill a lifetime of memories. Her laugh was so sweet and caring. I will miss her greatly. -Dan Skinner-
When I saw Jasmine at MidOhioCon my breath taken away because of her beauty. Even though we didn't speak. I could tell she was a Kind,Loving person. There needs to be more people on this Earth like her. -William
Hello, I never have the chance to interview or know Ms. Grey, but after reading through a several of the messages posted here. I realize that I'll never know the kind and wonderful person that Ms. Jasmine Grey is. From Eric.
Thanks again, Jasmine for your short time with us! Your passing has effected alot of us and we'll truely miss you even though we never met. Also thanks to those who knew her for their comments. Can't say that enough, these days. Please keep a good thought for her family and friends on this Christmas Eve. Thanks. E in OH
I met Jasmine this past November at Glamour Con. I'm shocked and saddened at her passing. I feel a loss, and I didn't even know her...those who did, my heartfelt condolences for your loss...no, our loss.. spud
Jasmine was one of the first Models I shot with in Cleveland when I started shooting for my website (Nsaneworld) and she was quite a joy to work with and I was looking forward to working with her again. I was truly shocked to learn of her passing. She is in my prayers.....TODD J.
I never met Jasmine, but I was capitivated by her beauty, and smile. I contemplated attending one of the events, to meet her face to face. I am deeply saddened to hear of her passing. She really seemed to be a geniune, and loving person. My heart hurts to know that she is gone, and that I will never have an opportunity to meet her. Her family and friends are in my prayers, I know they miss her very much. God bless you all... Ken M.
i met her at glamourcon she was a very sweet and beautiful young women Archie
Man this sucks! 2005 was definately a crummy ass year!!! Wish her family and friends the best!!! - Shawn T.
One of the first good models kind enough to give me a chance in getting started... she and her bf came to my place on Labor Day, 2003, during a New England road trip. (If I recall, at the time they were doing a lot of sleeping in the car and outside )... I was amazed at how easily she could smile for the camera.. but I shouldnt have been, since she was always smiling easily anyways. She willingly posed anywhere for me in my small space... in my closet, on the bathroom counter.. and radiated. I didnt know much what I was doing then, but she was so accommodating and helpful, and now I have many old film shots of Jas/Michelle just being herself, essentially.. a treasure. Someone above said maybe she had been sent down here to do a job; well, for me, she certainly spread goodwill in the glam photo business and helped me, a nobody, get off to a good solid start. Even though we only shot that one simple time, Jas remembered me even through last year when we would occasionally say hello. Thanks again Jasmine, and rest short and sweet before you journey on to your next task.... We need you! BillM
I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Jasmine and photographing her for my first time at the August 2004 Glamourcon in Chicago. I had given her a toe ring to keep and she eagerly put it on her second toe, right foot and posed for me. I even tickled her feet a little bit as she threw her head back and let out a hearty laugh! Ironically, I didn't pay too much attention to the background of Jasmine's pic but now it seems tragically prophetic: Just behind Jasmine was a picture of a woman with "angels wings" looking over her while she posed for me. Now, she has angels wings of her own..... My Navy buddy and I flew to Chicago to attend the August Glamourcon at the Crown Royal Plaza and as I was leaving my room to head to the elevator, Jasmine was leaving her room which just happened to be adjacent to mine. "Hello Jasmine," I said with a smile. "Hi....William, right?" I responded "Yes," you remembered." And then at the Glamourcon in Los Angeles, she recognized me again. This is how genuine Jasmine was. She was never too busy to speak or acknowledge a fan. Her beauty was only the "cosmetic" attribute you noticed about her but it was her warmth, youthful spirit and genuineness that really described her. Sadly, she won't be here physically to walk among us but her smile, grace and radiance will forever be in my heart. She will truly be missed. William, U. S. Navy, Los Angeles.
I remember the poison ivy. RIP....Steve
An angel has returned to Heaven but will be greatly missed on earth. Deepest sympathy ed
I have never met Jasmine, and just came across her pic on a car site and thought, WOW!, what a beautiful woman and now to find out that God has taken her back, I am in awe. I know that she will be missed and I am a new and continued fan, for she is only asleep! Kas-Mobile, AL
Jasmine was my favorite model and was a great friend. We talked about some very deep stuff and I felt like I knew her longer than I did. She was such a sweet girl and was a very real person unlike many models I've met. She wasn't judgemental at all and had such a charming personality. It really hurts very much to think about her passing. I've often thought of removing her pics and videos from our site but Jasmine herself would not have wanted that. She loved to be desired and loved to entertain so we will let her continue to do that. A portion of the sales of her work is now contributing to her headstone. She was very tight with her two male friends who died with her. They had a very nice relationship from what she said and she cared for them like brothers. It's at least good to know that so many people cared about her. - Mark Turner
I love you, u go heaven for sure! - 'Harleybod'
I spent many hours on the phone with Jasmine, trying to schedule shoots with her for Tailgate Magazine. We finally met a year ago when she visited Los Angeles. What a beautiful soul she shared with us.
It's New Years Day 2006, I just saw the news. I am at a loss, things like this I will never understand. Jasmine even though we are just a moment in time, I will always remember how wonderful it was to be in your company. Sorry we wont have that chance to meet again, however I will always remember you. I miss you forever. God Bless you my friend. Love James
I just heard the news a few minutes ago. I was hoping to see her again at the AVN convention in Vegas Jan. 6th and get her to sign a picture we took together. She will always be in my mind and heart. She was one of the best. My condolences to her family and friends. I'm so sorry. Love you Jasmine. Steve from California
A friend showing me a site, we noticed she had passed away. As in the Movie Ghost, I am sure God gave her the opportunity to walk among her family and touch each one of them. The amazing support for her shows just how dymanic and amazing she really was. How fortunate we are that she chose modeling, so we can see the person she really was... The Smile Heard Around The World... "True is the love for someone that has passed on, forever is the thought of somene we have lost, love goes with you when you enter the Lord's house. Proof is all the love that you leave behind." ~ 777 ~ "Remember me with smiles, for that is how I shall remember you" John Landon - Little House on the Prarie Rick Stone - California
I never known her too I only saw her pictures on paragoon site which is run by Mark Turner. God bless her
I never knew her, I Also only saw her pictures on paragon site which is run by MTurner. She had an incredible figure & was one of the most beautiful girls i've ever seen, I'll miss not seeing any new picture of her, Heaven will get the sexiest angel ever now.
I had the honor of meeting Jasmine twice,in Novi. She was an jaw dropping,lovely lady. Her eyes were so gentle,and smiling. She was beautiful, yet so very down to earth. I traded a few minor e-mails. Just a very small part of this woman. Yet my heart breaks for her family and friends. Just this brief contact. I can say I would have loved to have been able to know her more. Definately a sweet spirit. A smile that could light any room. Jasmine you are,and will be missed.Words can't do you justice. Be at peace. Ward
Please give my deepest condolances to jasmines family I know what they are going through as we lost our youngest son in a accident at work he was only 23 David Clegg from England
The most beautyful girl i've ever seen My condolances to everyone who knew this angel Life will never be the same Thomas from Holland, Europe
I went to school with Michelle. How tragic it was to hear she had passed away. I'm not sure if many people know she had a close friend die about 5 years back almost the same way. She was a lovely girl as well. Makes me happy to know those two are together again. Michelle was an amazing girl and incredibly beautiful and talented. I'll miss her. -Medina, Ohio friend
She was a beautiful woman who was coming into her own. Michelle had a lot of potential and life still left to live. She was going to take over the world! I'm saddened for the family and know you will be in my prayers. Muve love to you all and fly with the angels Michelle. When I look up at the heavens, I'll think of you. <3 Emily
I stubmled on Jasmin's site about a year ago and was awestruck at her beauty. I had not looked at it in months and wanted to check in and see what was new. I was bummed to know that she had passed. She had a smile that was incredible and I wont soon forget. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends for their loss. God has his angel back and we will all see her again. J~Dub in San Diego!
I have posted a piece of artwork I did in Jasmine's honor on EBay. ALL proceeds will go towards her headstone fund. The item number is #7380259792. We will all miss you Jasmine. Ryan
(this is an EBAY auction not affiliated with Glamourcon, Inc.)

Jasmine was a magnificent, unique person. An honor to call her as a friend. She was drop-dead gorgeous and very friendly. Outgoing, caring, and thoughtful. Our prayers and thoughts to her family and friends. She will be greatly missed!
I can't tell how stunned and crushed I am after reading this news. I hardly knew Jasmine, but we met briefly at Glamourcon LA a few years ago and we had kept in touch about shooting ever since. She is a true sweetheart and my heart goes out to her family and friends around the world. It is a deeply sad and tragic loss but she is at peace in heaven now. Chuck Stevens
Such a beautiful, unique lady...so much energy and always full of smiles and kind words. A true sweetheart... My condolences to all family members and friends. She will be missed by all who she touched with her kindness. Karlton
Jasmine; both beautiful in body and spirit, a young life lost is a terrible loss to all. My sincere condolences to her family. May God bless. Robert (rhv@photographer.net)
Started a memorial art site dedicated to her. We'll never forget you, Jasmine Grey. http://www.geocities.com/engine3429/JasGreyTribute.html?1136224694078
She had a great body - thanks for sharing your BBW beauty with us. Carl
Ahh, such a bountiful beauty, too quickly gone from Earth... Sparkling eyes and smiling lips so very full of mirth... Now she's the brightest pin-up queen sailing celestial seas... Forever Jasmine blooms in our hearts and mindflower memories ! ~~~*~~~Lovin her always and all ways--MMS/Starwizard
I met Jasmine/Michelle at the Ujena Jam 18 in 2003. I only got a few photos of her but we has spoke about shooting but she was always booked. Great personality. Wish I had more than just a few pics of her. Will miss her. Michael T. Myers
It's been a month now though it seems a lifetime. The Conventions will be a little lonelier now wih out her sitting across the aisle or down the row. She was always the professional and perhaps a little protected. I just hope she knew how much she meant to all of us. She was a star...constant and bright. It pain me to see her passing. All my love, Bill Wilkison
I belive Billy Joel said it best when he sang, "Only the good die young." I've seen Jasmine (Michelle's) work, and she was a true professional and talented lady. May she rest in peace, and know that she is terribly missed.
Thank you for your smile and the light of your soul. I pray for you to go on sharing that same bright spirit throughout the universe, wherever you are right now and wherever you choose to go. :) Love, Jesse
Always loved to see her at comic conventions...a sweet girl...we always talked about Ohio...I'll miss her easy smile
Terrible enterarse de algo asi, gracias por todo y que descanse en paz... Jorge RPS
I can't believe she's gone. I first met Jasmine at the San Diego Comicon in 2004. I was immediately struck by her bold attitude and friendly smile. I was very happy to run into her again at the Wizard World Convention in Chicago in 2005 and pleased that she remembered me from that brief interaction the previous summer. As always, she was friendly and gracious, and it was a joy to talk with her. She was such a wonderful woman, and her loss is a tragedy for all of us. My prayers and condolences go out to her family and friends. Thank you for sharing her with us. Blessings, Jason Holdeman
Michelle may be gone but she will never be forgotten by any of us... RIP Michelle 84 to 05 Dave.
I never knew Jasmine but I am sad to learn of her passing. Her warm and loving personality shines through in each image.
thanks for ur beautiful & impressive smilling may u always be in peace rest sweat heart of all the whole world love u & missed u
you are beautiful and timeless
Jasmine was a beautiful, sweet girl and a professional great model. I never knew Jasmine but I'll miss her, every day. Love, Antonio Pizzoferrato (from Rome, Italy)
Now I'm empty, like everyone of us. No words to say, they only hurt. Rest in peace, my darling. I will love you for the rest of my life.
Jasmine was someone who could take anyone, no matter how low they were, or felt, and brought them up. A wonderful girl, stolen from the friends and family that loved her. Love will always come to the girl that gave it first. Love, Jake
Jasmine, You touched me in many ways..ways I cannot describe..your beauty..your charm and your allure will be missed by me and so many others. Rest in peace angel. PaulyBoy.

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Jasmine at Dinner after GC37

Randy & Jasmine

After Dinner Drinks

Jasmine and Alexis Skye
Comparing Inseams

Jasmine at GC37

Jasmine at GC37 Sunday

Jasmine at her booth
GC36 - 8/27/2005

Jasmine at her booth
GC36 - 8/27/2005

Jasmine and Jenna
GC36 After Dark Party

Jasmine in LA
GC35 - 11/20/2004

GC34 - 8/27/2005

Jasmine the Pool Shark
GC34 After Dark Party

Jasmine at GC35
From Prophecy Events

Jenna Magen & Jasmine
Glamourcon After Dark Party

Jenna Magen & Jasmine
GC37 11/19/2005

Jenna & Jasmine Hamming it up
GC37 11/19/2005

Natalie, Jen, Jasmine & Jenna
GC36 8/27/2005

From Amy & Sean Sisler
November 2005

Ron & Jasmine
Submitted by Rob Myers
GC36 8/27/2005

From Randy Miller
Comic Con in Michigan last October

Jasmine & Ed
GC35 11/2005

Jasmine & Albert

From John

Dean's Motor City Comic Con pic

Jasmine & Alex
GC36 8/2005

Jasmine & Alex
GC37 11/2005

Jasmine Clownin'

Jasmine & Randy Again

Chris & Jasmine
GC36 8/27/2005

From Pete Alva

From J.C. Casad

From Steve Frederick
Wizard World Chicago 8/2004

From Craig Gardner
Vasquez Rocks 11/2004

From Gordon Denman
Lake Mead Marina, NV 4/2004

From Gordon Denman
Red Rocks National Park 4/2004

Chris' Ukulele Shot

From Dave Truax
GC37 11/2005

Chris' Ukulele Shot
Wizard World Chicago 2005

From Mike Bender
GC37 11/2005

Ken C, Pittsburgh, PA
W.Sunbury, PA photo shoot 6/2003

From Geoff Harley

Geoff Harley

From Ryan Poteracki

From Frank Santabarbara

From George Mickelson
Wizard World Chicago 2004

Jasmine & Archie
GC34 Chicago

Jasmine & Archie
GC36 Chicago

Jasmine & friends
Ujena 2003

Michael T. Myers and Jasmine
GC36 Chicago

Digital Painting by Eric

Don and Jasmine

The December 13, 2005 Viewing
A description by Tricia

From The Glamourcon Yahoo Group
The 'viewing' last night was very traumatic, so many very young people at this funeral. It should not have happened, funerals are for the old, for them to mourn, not for young people to stand there, looking so hopeless.

She looked like a little sleeping angel. Flowers filled the room and her coffin was completely covered with pink roses. There were so many flowers they had some in the hallway. Pink roses, mums, white roses and white lillys, daisies, if you can think of the flower it was in that room.

Photos of every type from birth to just days ago lined a wall. Even nudes were proudly displayed. Albums she had put together for family, friends and her boyfriend covered a table and gave great insight into her. She was more amazing then we at Glamourcon knew.

Jasmine will be missed and loved forever by her fans, her family, friends and all the communities that knew her.

From The Glamourcon Memorial Page (see left column)
I spent this evening with Jasmine (Michelle), her family and friends, at the funeral home. The room was packed with young people, something that should not happen, yet they all came and they all said the same thing;Michelle was very loved, admired and will forever be missed. Her casket of steel blue was covered in a mass of beautiful pink roses. There with her was her stuffed companion Scooby-do, she was wearing a white 'hoodie', her fingers as always with lots of rings. Pic's of her-everywhere,snapshots of her with Hef, at GC, with fans, family, PM's, from when she was a baby, at 11 years old with short hair, her prom pics and with her boyfriend of 8 years. She had a talent, a talent to make friends and it was evident this evening as the funeral home was packed, not a spot open in the lot to park. Jasmine will be missed, by so many, a true light has been taken from this earth to shine in Heaven. May her soul rest with God and may her family and friends find comfort.....Tricia

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