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Jasmine Grey Headstone Fund

Thanks to your generosity and contributions, the Headstone Fund has acheived is monetary goal. There was enough money collected to purchase a fitting headstone for Jasmine/Michelle.

Glamourcon extends a special thanks to Michael Ilyinsky for establishing & managing the fund.

Thanks To All
We've Reached The Goal - THANK YOU!


Jasmine Grey attended Glamourcon for the first time in Chicago at GC32 in September of 2003. She quickly became a favorite of the fans and the staff. She attended every GC up until 37 in Los Angeles, just three weeks ago. We were honored to call Jasmine our friend and have the blessing of spending time with this incredible lady. We will miss her. But she will live on in our memories.

Mar. 8, 1984
Medina, Ohio, USA
Dec. 10, 2005
Medina, Ohio, USA
To Be Interred:
Spring Grove Cemetery
Medina, Ohio, USA
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Tricia from the Glamourcon staff attended the December 13th, 2005 viewing- click here for a brief description

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Jasmine at Dinner after GC37

Randy & Jasmine

After Dinner Drinks

Jasmine and Alexis Skye
Comparing Inseams

Jasmine at GC37

Jasmine at GC37 Sunday

Jasmine at her booth
GC36 - 8/27/2005

Jasmine at her booth
GC36 - 8/27/2005

Jasmine and Jenna
GC36 After Dark Party

Jasmine in LA
GC35 - 11/20/2004

GC34 - 8/27/2005

Jasmine the Pool Shark
GC34 After Dark Party

Jasmine at GC35
From Prophecy Events

Jenna Magen & Jasmine
Glamourcon After Dark Party

Jenna Magen & Jasmine
GC37 11/19/2005

Jenna & Jasmine Hamming it up
GC37 11/19/2005

Natalie, Jen, Jasmine & Jenna
GC36 8/27/2005

From Amy & Sean Sisler
November 2005

Ron & Jasmine
Submitted by Rob Myers
GC36 8/27/2005

From Randy Miller
Comic Con in Michigan last October

Jasmine & Ed
GC35 11/2005

Jasmine & Albert

From John

Dean's Motor City Comic Con pic

Jasmine & Alex
GC36 8/2005

Jasmine & Alex
GC37 11/2005

Jasmine Clownin'

Jasmine & Randy Again

Chris & Jasmine
GC36 8/27/2005

From Pete Alva

From J.C. Casad

From Steve Frederick
Wizard World Chicago 8/2004

From Craig Gardner
Vasquez Rocks 11/2004

From Gordon Denman
Lake Mead Marina, NV 4/2004

From Gordon Denman
Red Rocks National Park 4/2004

Chris' Ukulele Shot

From Dave Truax
GC37 11/2005

Chris' Ukulele Shot
Wizard World Chicago 2005

From Mike Bender
GC37 11/2005

Ken C, Pittsburgh, PA
W.Sunbury, PA photo shoot 6/2003

From Geoff Harley

Geoff Harley

From Ryan Poteracki

From Frank Santabarbara

From George Mickelson
Wizard World Chicago 2004

Jasmine & Archie
GC34 Chicago

Jasmine & Archie
GC36 Chicago

Jasmine & friends
Ujena 2003

Michael T. Myers and Jasmine
GC36 Chicago

Digital Painting by Eric

Don and Jasmine

The December 13, 2005 Viewing
A description by Tricia

From The Glamourcon Yahoo Group
The 'viewing' last night was very traumatic, so many very young people at this funeral. It should not have happened, funerals are for the old, for them to mourn, not for young people to stand there, looking so hopeless.

She looked like a little sleeping angel. Flowers filled the room and her coffin was completely covered with pink roses. There were so many flowers they had some in the hallway. Pink roses, mums, white roses and white lillys, daisies, if you can think of the flower it was in that room.

Photos of every type from birth to just days ago lined a wall. Even nudes were proudly displayed. Albums she had put together for family, friends and her boyfriend covered a table and gave great insight into her. She was more amazing then we at Glamourcon knew.

Jasmine will be missed and loved forever by her fans, her family, friends and all the communities that knew her.

From The Glamourcon Memorial Page (see left column)
I spent this evening with Jasmine (Michelle), her family and friends, at the funeral home. The room was packed with young people, something that should not happen, yet they all came and they all said the same thing;Michelle was very loved, admired and will forever be missed. Her casket of steel blue was covered in a mass of beautiful pink roses. There with her was her stuffed companion Scooby-do, she was wearing a white 'hoodie', her fingers as always with lots of rings. Pic's of her-everywhere,snapshots of her with Hef, at GC, with fans, family, PM's, from when she was a baby, at 11 years old with short hair, her prom pics and with her boyfriend of 8 years. She had a talent, a talent to make friends and it was evident this evening as the funeral home was packed, not a spot open in the lot to park. Jasmine will be missed, by so many, a true light has been taken from this earth to shine in Heaven. May her soul rest with God and may her family and friends find comfort.....Tricia

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