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Bean Town Bonanza!

The intrepid GC OTR Team made its way to Boston for the May 5th Playboy Club Tour party, and what a party it was!

We arrived at the Avalon Club directly across from the Green Monster at Fenway Park and were greeted by Mel, our awesome Playboy PR liason. Fans holding VIP tickets began to line up well prior to the 7 PM VIP opening time (keep that in mind when you go to your party). After a bit of background from Mel, we set up for the Playmates' grand entrance. The 50th Club Tour bus pulled up and, one by one, the Playmates (some in Bunny costumes and some in special sponsor costumes) left the bus to line up in front of the crowd for a brief but stunning photo op. Fortunately the GC OTR team was right in position to take advantage of this brief stop.

Once inside, the Playmates (Sandra Hubby 3/04, Julie McCullough 2/86, Stephanie Heinrich 10/01, Vanessa Gleason 9/98, Shallan Meiers 9/02, Jennifer Walcott 8/01, Neferteri Shepherd 7/00, Stacy Fuson 2/99, Nicole Wood 4/93, Lindsey Vuolo 11/01, Lauren Michelle Hill 2/01, Lani Todd 12/02, Julie Cialini PMOY 1995) as well as several CyberGirls and Newsstand Special Girls took their positions in various parts of the venue; on the stage and in every major area of the club. VIP ticket holders streamed into the club only stopping briefly to pick up souvenirs such as t-shirts, magazines and Zippo lighters at the Playboy.com store in the club's lobby. VIPs had special drink coupons given by out by Chivas Regal and Michelob Light, the events main sponsors, and they quickly took advantage of them.

Thousands of photos were taken as the fans took turns chatting and posing with the Playmates and CyberGirls. DJ Shortee was on fire and kept the place movin' with her great mixes. Fans even had the opportunity to take photos of some of the Playmates on Hef's round bed...something we haven't seen since the 1999 Playboy Expo. Scattered throughout the Avalon were displays of Playboy history; Playboy covers, a copy of the first Playboy, Hef's smoking jacket and much more.

Catherine D'Lish, a top burlesque artist, gave two fully charged performances. She even got wet for the fans... in her oversized bubble bath champagne glass! Unfortunately, photos were not allowed during her act but that didn't seem to phase the crowd.

We talked to many of the fans at the event and the reaction was unanimous... this was a great party! Time and time again, we heard the same comment, "This is the greatest! We love meeting the Playmates and models!". You might imagine that mostly men would attend this event but there was a surprising large number of women in attendance, One couple we spotted, Wayne and LoAnne, drove from New Hampshire to be here. In fact, Wayne had recently attended the New York party. I asked what attracted them to the parties. Wayne wasted no time in explaining that he was a collector for 30 years and that "there was only going to be one 50th anniversary and you HAD to be here." LoAnne added that when the Playmates see Wayne they often ask where LoAnne is as they are such a prominent couple on the Playboy scene. They both feel that the Playboy logo has resurfaced as a status symbol... appealing to a new generation of fans, many of whom are women.

We also had the opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with Dominique all the way from Canada. Dominique is one of the founding members of the Playboy Mailing List which has become the clearing house of Playboy and Playmate fandom. Fans can subscribe to the list (PML1) from the Yahoo Groups site.

Both the folks from Playboy and from The Avalon did a tremendous job in organizing and producing the event. The venue was the perfect place to hold the party as the sound, crowd control and flow was just right.

Our recommendations:

The Club Tour is a great way to celebrate Playboy's 50 years so, if you can make it to one, we highly recommend you go.

Get the VIP pass. Yes, it is more expensive but getting in early and having a special section is worth the money. You will have better access to the Playmates before it gets croweded. Keep in mind that this event had over 700 fans attend!

Get your photos done early. The Playmates are set up for photo ops early but as the evening moves on, they begin to dance and party and photo taking is bit more challenging. The venue bars keep pace with the drink requests so there is plenty of time to use your drink coupons.

Thanks to Bill, Jay Jay and Mel for making our GC OTR trip to Boston a most memorable one!

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The Bus at Fenway

VIP Line

Avalon VIP Line

The Approach

Bunny Parade

Bunny Parade

Boston Line Up

Wall of Covers

1st Issue


The Jacket

Bunny Fan

All Smiles

Jameson Bunnies

Julie Cialini &
Lani Todd

Julie Cialini

Beauty Sandwich of
Michelob Light Girls

Fans & Bunnies

Bunny Seating

The Crowd

Lauren Michelle Hill

Vanessa Gleason

Stacy Fuson

Sandra Hubby

An Autograph

Lindsey Vuolo

Stunning Sight

Jennifer Walcott

DJ Shortee

The Presentation


Line of Beauty

VIP Balcony


A Centerfold

Hef's Bed


Neferteri Shepherd


Shallan Meiers

Nicole Wood

Tour Shirts

Stephanie Heinrich

Julie McCullough

Julie Cialini &
Patriot Lonnie

Playboy is celebrating its 50th Anniversary with a series of Club Tour events across the US. 50 Events in 50 cities - and you are invited! Each party is fashioned after the historic Playboy Club experience from an era gone by. Each Club Tour event is your chance to experieince the sexy sophistication of the old Playboy Clubs, including rubbing elbows with Playmates, celebrities and the cottontailed Playboy Bunnies. Don't miss your chance to participate.

For More Information: www.playboy.com/50th/clubtour

Club Tour Schedule: www.playboy.com/50th/clubtour

Tickets: 50th Anniversary Tickets

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