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Playboy Store Valentines 2007

On May 8th, 2008 at the Mansion
Hef & Playboy Announced

Playboy Playmate of the Year 2008
Jayde Nicole

and the Glamourcon On-The-Road Team was there
(Story and Photos Below)

Once again, the Glamourcon On The Road Team made its way to the Playboy Mansion to have lunch with the newest Playmate of the Year, Jayde Nichol. Our photos speak volumes about the event but fans have inquiring minds. Lots of you have asked what's it like to go the the Playboy Mansion to have lunch and meet the newest Playmate of the Year? It was a great time and so let us share a few of the details on what it was like.

For our team , it meant a 1400 mile round trip plane ride and 1000 mile road trip so you know we were serious about going. The event started at 11:30 AM so we decided to rendezvous at the shuttle area at 10:30 as we wanted to be among the first to arrive. We parked in the designated parking area, checked in and took a shuttle bus to the Mansion grounds. The Mansion needs to use shuttles to accommodate large groups. The shuttle driver pulled up to gate. No talking to the rock as we were, instead, we were greeted by Playboy security. The security pointed up the hill and our bus slowly climbed up to the mansion entrance. The view along the way was wonderful, especially the view up the hill to our left as we saw the large expanse of highly manicured lawn and landscape with adorns the side of the Mansion. Finally, we made it to the circular driveway and left the shuttle to begin our exploring. In front of the Mansion and the driveway is another beautifully manicured and landscaped lawn that was being used for multiple media interviews with Playmates and other celebs.

We entered through the front doors of the Mansion stopping to look at the famous staircase hoping to catch a glimpse of Hef or the Girls Next Door. No luck but we were early. More exploring was in order.

After walking a short distance through the center of the Mansion, we were now in the back portion which was tented and held numerous banquet tables all adorned with beautiful rose centerpieces. Since we were early, we grabbed a table close to the stage and a few tables away from Hef's table. Having staked a claim on our seating we were able to check out the grounds beyond the tent, the Grotto and the mini-zoo. As people began to arrive, exploring became more of a community affair so we decided to get back to the table to check out the food. We walked along the edge of the luncheon area where tables of hot and cold food service as well as desert was being offered. We took advantage of the complete bar service and filled our plates with grilled chicken, asparagus spears, salads and the most wonderful crab cake you could imagine. The dessert pastries were great and even the peanut butter cookies were worth squirrling away for the trip home.

We met a lot of great people at the event and Playmate Julie McCullough sat at our table. Finally, at about 1 PM, the presentation started and Holly Madison was introduced and served as the event MC. She introduced Hef and Hef introduced the Jayde as Playmate of the Year 2008. Outgoing PMOY, Sara Jean Underwood, was on the stage to present Jayde with a bouquet of roses. Hef presented Jayde with the keys to a beautiful Cadillac as well as $100,000. Jayde gave a nice acceptance speech and then the podium was removed from the stage so the throng of media could get photos of Jayde as well as all the Playmates in attendance.

After the photo session we continued to meet lots of new friends as well as checked out the decades of Playmates. What were they wearing? How did they look? We will let the photos tell the story. Of course, Bob had to venture off to the zoo again to try to feed grapes to the monkeys and check out the aviary so we didn't see him for a while.

When it was all over, we picked up our copy of Playboy featuring Jayde on the cover and headed to the waiting shuttles. Ten minutes later, we were back in the parking structure in Beverly Hills to make the return trip back Glamourcon 43 show prep but all the while thinking about how beautiful Jayde was and if the monkeys had enough grapes.

Congratulations Jayde!

PMOY 2008 - Jayde Nicole

The Presentation

PMOY 2007 - Sara Jean Underwood

Playmates To The Stage

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