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Tips To Help Models
Have A Successful Glamourcon Show

Glamourcon offers just a few tips to help new & returning models, Playmates and vendors have a successful and fun Glamourcon experieince.
  1. Promote Your Appearence: Your fans want to meet you. Help them by promoting your appearance at Glamourcon. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Tumbler, Blogs, Newsletters and Websites are the perfect methods to let your fans know where & when to meet you in a safe and fun environment.

  2. Fans Like It When You're There: Be on time and be ready. We cannot stress this enough. Some fans have a very small sliver of time to meet you before they have to work or attend to other obligations. Fashionably late entrances (and extra early departures) often make for hard feelings and disappointment.

  3. Undivided Attention: Paying attention to how the fans perceive you is very important. Are you on the phone or texting? Are you engaged in conversation with vendors around you? A male presence at your table may be off-putting to your fans. For some of these fans, it is a dream to meet you so being mindful of that goes a long way. They are polite and often won't interupt your "other" activites.

  4. Make Them Your Fan, Too: "Fans" often come to specifically meet one or two particular people. But all fans will walk the entire ballroom. When they get to you, it is your opprotunity to turn them into your fan, too. Don't let them go by without a big smile, kind word and an invite to talk.

  5. Easy Displayed Pricing: Fans often remark about the uncertainty of pricing. It is very helpful to make a list of your prices so transactions with your fans will go smoothly. Set prices that make sense to you.

  6. Know Your Fans: Consider collecting the contact information of your customers. These are customers coming to see you and it will be very helpful for you to know how to contact them in the future. Of course, be considerate if they do not want to give you contact information.

  7. Take Aways (aka Freebies): Do you have a freebie item? Even a small postcard or the like will be remembered by your fans.

  8. Sell A Bunch: Are you willing to negotiate for bulk purchases of your items? If so, let your fans know.

  9. Watch Your Stuff: Keep a close eye on your valuables. Please don't leave your money or other valuable items unattended - even for a minute. This keeps honest people honest. You can have a friend watch your table, but take your money, cell phones, purses, etc. anyway.

  10. Protect Your Privacy: If you bring cases or luggage to the ballroom, make sure your luggage tags are out of sight. This goes for anything displaying your private name, address or contact info.

  11. Smile! It's infectious

  12. Most importantly, have fun. If you are having fun, so will your fans!

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