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March, 2003
Hollywood Hills

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Julie Strain
Kevin Eastman

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Interview Questions by
Bob Schultz &
Keith E. Williams

Photography By
Keith E. Williams

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Glamourcon's August Interview - Issue #8
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It's 7 AM in the Hollywood Hills. In a mere 30 minutes, Julie is transformed from bathrobe to pinup idol. Sassy, irreverent and oh so beautiful, we present Julie Strain...
GC: It's so great to see you again. We might as well start with our most self-serving question, "What do you like most about Glamourcon events?"
Julie: I like the Glamourcon shows mostly because I get to see and meet a lot of the girls and the Playmates whom I adored when I was younger. I looked at their figures and said, "Oh! Iím okay, Iím normal, I look like her, I have boobs like her," and then I meet that girl in person - itís kind of cool. They are our sexy icons. Itís nice to meet the fans and see the joy on their faces when they get to meet you and share, take the pictures, and they share the pictures. Itís just ongoing. Itís like planting seeds that you are forever harvesting the fruits of - thatís something like Glamourcon. Joy comes from every angle.

GC: You're the consumate model, how did you wind up on the other side of the camera creating photographs?
Julie: Seeing my beautiful girlfriends laying around the backyard naked and having a camera just sitting on the shelf, I just go "aargh! I have to capture that image!" I didnít think I could do it, but I took the film to the lab, and boom, magic! Five years and a quarter million dollars later, Iíve learned to be a photographer. Unfortunately, now Iíve kind of injured my back so I really only do very, very, very special jobs or celebrity jobs.

My whole house is outfitted specifically for shoots because we have everybody from E! to Entertainment Tonight to Inside Edition come here to do taping. My house is like the Julie Strain museum with a lot work because thereís at least 150 wigs in there, 100 pairs of shoes, 2000 costumes, and a whole lot of attitude!

GC: So what's the total count on the movies you're featured in?
Julie: Iíve lost count. There are a few that didnít make it to the video shelves, thereís probably like ten of those, but if I added up what I did this month and what I plan to do next month, probably close to 125 to 130.

GC: That's a large body of work! Which is your favorite?
Julie: I have to say Fit to Kill just because it was my first Andy Sidaris film and it was very James Bond like with a big budget look to it, a lot of special effects, and guns. It stars RJ Moore, who is Roger Mooreís son, so itís almost like a real spoof of James Bond.

GC: Role models?
Julie: I think that Marilyn and Bettie are definitely my most important role models as they are for most any glamour girl today. There were a lot of beautiful women out there, but those two had style, the glamorous grace and the images that you just canít stop looking at. You just canít put a Bettie picture or a Marilyn picture down. Youíre constantly searching Ė what was going on that day, the look in her eyes, was she sad or...? They had a face that told a story. I try to emulate them the best that I can. I feel that I do the best Marilyn and Bettie impressions of anybody. I do Jane Russell now, the bride of Frankenstein, and all kinds of stuff.

GC: Do you have favorite photographers? Anybody you still want to work with?
Julie: Iíve worked with all of the major ones that I dreamed about like Helmut Newton, Ellen Von Unwerth & David LaChapelle. You know, anytime someone can make me their little muse and they are already somebody that I respect, thatís good. I am already getting away with murder here at my age with modeling and having these photographers think Iím still a young model. Iím 41 and still making my living in a g-string. Itís a lot of work, Iím at the gym every morning.

GC: What about models? Anyone you want to colaborate with?
Julie: Iím pretty caught up with all my models that I wanted to shoot. But I havenít done them justice and havenít been really happy with all the pictures. Iíd like to shoot Dita again, Mitsumi again, Aria Giovanni again. Tomorrow, Mamie Van Doren is coming Ė Iím her personal photographer, and sheís one of my best friends Ė she is just a hoot. Maybe sheíll share these photos with you from tomorrow and she can do an over the phone interview or something. And, Olivia and Mamie are my best friend in the world.

GC: Any cool projects in the works, that aren't top secret?
Julie: Iíve been doing some really great shows lately. Since I hurt my back I canít do as much action, kickboxing and big gun wielding, so I kind of found a little niche in the horror market through Full Moon. Iím in every new movie they make that has to do with horror. I did a cameo in Bleed, then I played a teacher and my little sister got killed as a student in Birthright and now we just completed Delta Delta Die which is a sorority house cannibal girl movie. Iím the sorority mother and sheís a student so, they end up eating me as meatloaf at the end of the movie. Next weíre making something to do with Jeckel and Hyde and the next movie after that is called Killbillies. Iím gonna black out my teeth like a crazed bitch and make some shit happen killing people. So thatís fun, those movies are fun.

Weíre also working on a movie called Blood Gnome which went to the screen too last night which was amazing. Itís going to be a great little cult film. You know, you hardly ever get to see monsters. You get to see monsters all the time in this movie and lots of blood. The next one she (Lizzy) stars in is called Azira. People will use her if they want to use me. Iím just like, yeah, my sister will be the lead role and Iíll do the cameo, so sheís catapulting to stardom like that. So watch for Azira, itís gonna be really good. I get to play an old queen in a castle who gets killed by the king and I come back to haunt people there.

I am sure that Delta Delta Die will be out by July and also I just completed the movie for Troma called Tales from the Crapper and I killed at least twenty people in that movie. Last week we just did the makeup day for it and I killed all of the guys from the band New Found Glory. I was just ripping out hearts and guts, poking peopleís eyes out, breaking and flattening heads and smothering people to death. That week was a little tough on my back.

GC: The future for Julie Strain
Julie: I kinda found my new young Spielbergs and these people are going to progress in the business and I can kind of mold them and they do exactly what I want them to do so I have all my jobs as an older mother, a woman, and an old lady lined up for the rest of my life that way. You know, Iím just kind of hiding out in the business. I really donít want to be a big star, I canít do the publicity that goes with those big movies. But finally, my acting is good. Delta Delta Die, I really liked the whole thing. In the past I was a little monotone and stiff. You guys might not have noticed it, but I know I could have done better. I didnít believe in what I was saying. Now, itís like I get it.

GC: You've produced a number of books, anything new on the press?
Julie: I did It's Only Art if it's Well-Hung. That was a great book and then I did Six Foot One and Worth the Climb and this is a compilation of those books and some new books, so itís kind of three books combined Ė Julie Strainís Greatest Hits. Itís all of my photography that I have collected, lots of art work, most of the Olivia paintings, and all of the artwork from other artists, movie box covers, childhood pictures, family pictures, me and Kevin on our first date where we met at the Golden Apple. Itís pretty much a fanís treasure trove. I am now working on my new book, Nightmare on Pinup Street. It includes 100 of my dreams, stacks of photos and my artwork, my diet book and a list of white-trash stuff I do.

GC: You mentioned your back injury, what happenend?
Julie: It was a horse accident. My horse jumped a parked car about fifteen years ago. I was lucky to get this other extra fifteen years out of it. And then this summer, pulling kids in a toy car and saving the big dog from drowning in the pool, I got a bulging disk. Itís black and destroyed. Pain every day. Leaning over to brush my teeth is an effort. Like, I canít cut vegetables right now. Just weird things, like I canít move clothes on a clothing rack, which I love to shop, itís just that sideways motion of pushing or cutting vegetables, very odd.

GC: Can we deliver a message to the fans?
Julie: Boy weíre glad youíre there, weíre glad you like comics and sexy women and pinup and all that good stuff. If it wasnít for you, we wouldnít have anybody to perform for. Basically, thatís what we are - performers and entertainers and youíre our audience. Weíre happy that youíre there. Donít leave.

GC: Tell us about your web site, is there good stuff for members?
Julie: Sure, there is a members section. There are 20,000 pictures online and thereís updates twice a week, a picture of the week and email of the week. I am very active on the guest book and on the dream book. My fans and friends can write to me and I can write back to them. There are at least two big photo galleries a week, personal interaction on the dream book, and lots of other kinds of bits of information. We give them as much as they ask for, except for a live camera in the house and thatís just because Iím not as fun as I look. They donít want to see me sitting here all day like this and that would be pretty much what theyíd see. Wake and bake.

GC: Any last comments for the fans?
Julie: You know, I think my big thing in life is for people to be alive and live long, healthy lives, and I think the way to do that is to have safe sex, stay away from hard drugs, live a clean life, wear your seatbelt, get a designated driver, take a cab home, get a hotel room. I know too many people who have been killed by that and anytime Iíve put a notice out on my site the end of it says, "Donít drive drunk, please." I have two friends who are in wheelchairs because they drove with a designated driver who was drinking. One person can use his hands and one cannot. Very heartbreaking.

GC: Thank you for spending your early morning with us. We appreciate you sharing some of your life!

Take a moment or two to view the photographs of Julie displayed below. Check Julie's site soon for more interview and photos - at in the very near future.

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