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March 7th
San Pedro, CA

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Creations Bikini Expo
June 6, 2004
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Review by
Bob Schultz

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Bob Schultz

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Glamourcon Reviews - #3

OK, it's a dirty job but someone has to do it...

The intrepid Glamourcon on the Road staff made its way to the Asian Model Expo in San Pedro, CA on March 7, 2004 and met up with a bevy of beautiful models. And we mean BEAUTIFUL!

The good folks at Creations Models hosted our staff to a nice table where we handed out flyers and had a live Internet Wi-Fi connection to The best part of our table, however, was the prime view we had of all the models posing for the hundreds of fans and photographers.

The nuts and bolts... AME has to be one of best values in the industry! The tables in this 4,000 sq. foot ballroom setting were all skirted and draped with alternating red and white colors which made for a very polished appearance. Although the ballroom was sold out, Creations fashioned a table configuration which made it easy for fans and models to interact. At the head was the room were two areas which contributed to the success of the show - the DJ area and a small stage. James Bartholet from and his DJ kept the patter and the platters spinning for a HIGH energy feel. As the day progressed, various models from the show took the stage for a free photo op and the many photographers on hand wasted no time in jockeying for the best shots. If you were interested in beautiful women and photography, this was the place to be! By the time we made it to the stage several seconds after the announcement of so and so being shot, we had to bull our way through the crowd of photogs to get a few shots on the Mighty Olympus. (OK, so the Olympus point and shoot digital camera was not the best in show by any means but it was SCRAPPY!)

Besides models selling autographed photos and merchandise, one of the principal components of the show was a Models' People's Choice contest where the fans "voted" for their favorite model with tickets they bought. The models could win from $80 to $600 so, of course, the fun is in watching the "vote for me" lobbying going on. Yes, fans went to the show to vote for their favorites but more than a few dropped tickets into baskets of models' they just met.

Fans paid $15 presale or $20 at the door ... another great value. As at Glamourcon, the models were more than happy to take the time to talk to the fans and one never felt rushed at each table. Attendance? We didn't count but we estimated that hundreds of fans and dozens of models attended. Attendance was steady and fans seemed to stay for the bulk of the show.

While the show was basically focused on model appearances, our good friends at Collector's Bookcase,, brought in a huge selection of Playboy mags for sale. While it was great to browse boxes of Playboys, the highlight of the show was the three dozen models. A complete list can be found at but we wanted to mention a few of our favorites. Of course, our March 2004 Girl, Miss Becky, was a crowd favorite. Always beautiful, even on the heels of a popular import show she had just attended the night before. And, we have to mention the winner of the People's Choice Contest, Anastasia. Can you say legs?!!! There were too many to mention but we enjoyed talking with Candace Kita, Nikki Zeno, Serena Lee, Shantelle, Kaleina Cruz, Roxy Rah ... the list goes on and on!

All the tension went away as the good folks Tender Touch Massage lent a hand (get it?) with chair massages for those so inclined.

Dinner with the Creations Models staff at Marinos Italian Restaurant in Bellflower was the perfect end to the day.

We highly recommend the next Creations Models event - Creations Bikini Expo - when it rolls around on June 6.

See you there!

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