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Dita - December 2002
GC: Recently you have been very visible,we've seen you everywhere, are you going more mainstream?
Dita: I hope so in a way. But I'll still be a little fetishy and edgy. I'm still gonna stick with what I like, but I'm glad that people are learning more and being exposed to me. For the past several years it was just a small group of people - people interested in the things I was interested in, which is generally fetish type elements. I am really excited that I have had the opportunity to be seen by more people and that people are really into it. I am getting the exposure I always wished I had.
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Aria Giovanni - January 2003
GC: Now that you are a Glamourcon/VAMP veteran, what do you like best about the shows?
Aria: I think I like the fact that I can meet my fans because you don't have very many opportunities to do that. You'll read postings on the message board and respond to them but to actually see fans in person and for them to be excited to see you, it's really neat. The nicest part about actually seeing them is that they get to tell you what they like, what they don't like and don't really care for. You really understand what you need to be doing more of and what you need to be doing less of. This really helps.
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Nissa - February 2003
GC: Hobbies, pastimes, freaky fetishes?
Nissa: Extreme sports. I love flying. I love parachuting. I love skydiving. I was four years in ROTC with the Air Force so I had a lot of chances to jump out of planes. I loved that. That is one of the things I actually miss. I was actually planning on doing one of my next shoots jumping out of a plane. (at this point, we had to stop to fantasize....)
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Debra Jo Fondren - March 2003
GC: How has becoming a Playboy Playmate and Playmate of The Month affected your life?
Debra Jo: I can't begin to describe it! At first, I thought I'd have my run, do all I could in those early PMOY years, and then disappear back into the woodwork. Instead, I remained in LA and started a career as an actress, and later as a casting director. I've had this great introduction into an exciting industry, and I'm determined to make the most of it.
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Taylor Wane - May 2003
GC: Well, apart from the anatomically correct soap (inside joke), do you have any other Glamourcon stories you would like to tell, something that might have happened at Glamourcon?
Taylor: Oh God, yes I do. I think it was a year ago I was dressed in one of my skimpy outfits and the guys were taking some pictures and I didn't realize that one of my lips had pushed its way a little outside of my panties and of course nobody told me which is funny because I just said they were all Gents. Meanwhile, they don't tell me my lips are crawling out of my panties. So at the next Glamourcon I did, the guys all came back with a photograph and I was like hold on a second. I have half a pooch hanging out and nobody told me and they were like, "Well we were all having a pretty good time and your pooch probably was too, so we didn't want to interrupt what was going on."
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Barbara Moore - June 2003
GC: What do you like about Glamourcon, what keeps you coming back?
Barbara: One thing I like? Well, I think it boosts your ego because it's a place that you go where people come to see especially you. You advertise our names on the Internet and on the Glamourcon website. A lot of people come up to me and say I came here just to see you and that makes me feel good. I would say that the interaction with the fans - that's what I love the most.
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Lizzy Strain - July 2003
GC: From your first movie until now, how has your comfort zone expanded?
Lizzy: I was in one of Devin Hamiltonís movies and I was scared sXXtless. I was so scared and Julie was saying "come on, thereís nothing to be afraid of. It's like three lines, come on, come on." She coached me through it. I was so nervous that I was going to screw up but it actually went really well. And then every movie I progressed so much more in the acting classes. Before I was pretty shy about it, but now I am really confident.
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Julie Strain - August 2003
GC: It's so great to see you again. We might as well start with our most self-serving question, "What do you like most about Glamourcon events?"
Julie: I like the Glamourcon shows mostly because I get to see and meet a lot of the girls and the Playmates whom I adored when I was younger. I looked at their figures and said, "Oh! Iím okay, Iím normal, I look like her, I have boobs like her," and then I meet that girl in person - itís kind of cool. They are our sexy icons. Itís nice to meet the fans and see the joy on their faces when they get to meet you and share, take the pictures, and they share the pictures. Itís just ongoing. Itís like planting seeds that you are forever harvesting the fruits of - thatís something like Glamourcon. Joy comes from every angle.
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